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Content > > Interactive Planar Flag Checklist

Interactive Planar Flag Checklist


Tier 1

Plane of Justice (Level 46+)

 Access to Plane of Valor and Plane of Storms (Charm upgrade and AA)
 Access to Plane of Trials

 Preflagged for Mavuin
The evidence of Mavuin is the only thing that can save him now.

 Trial of Execution |  Trial of Flame |  Trial of Hanging |  Trial of Lashing |  Trial of Stoning |  Trial of Torture

 You have the preflag, completed the trial, and talked to the Tribunal, but have yet to go back and hail Mavuin.
Having endured the trials, the Tribunal has agreed to reconsider Mavuin's case.

 You have saved Mavuin in one of the 6 Trials in PoJ and are flagged for PoV/PoS.
Mavuin is grateful to you for taking his case before the Tribunal. The information provided to you, that Mithaniel Marr and Karana carry information you should seek, could be quite useful.

Plane of Disease (Level 46+)

Access to the Crypt of Decay (Charm upgrade and AA)

 Received Grummus preflag by saying "What ward" to Alder Fuirstel next to PoD entrance.
Alder Fuirstel wishes you to obtain the Ward from the Plane of Disease and take it to his ill brother Milyk.

 Grummus killed and Planar Projection hailed.
For a moment you pause, sticking your hand into your pocket. Inside you find the small ward that was lying near Grummus' body, perhaps you should bring it to Milyk.

 Returned to Sickbay and hailed Elder Fuirstel.
Now that Grummus has been destroyed, the entrance to the Crypt of Bertoxxulous should open before your might.

Plane of Nightmare (Level 46+)

 Access to the Lair of Terris Thule.
 Terris Thule Defeated (1 of 2 Saryrn prerequisites; Charm upgrade and AA)

 Hedge Maze preflag. You hailed Elder Poxbourne, then hailed Adroha Jezith and said "tortured by nightmares".
Thelin being tormented by the imagery of Terris Thule needs assistance escaping from the Plane of Nightmares.

 Hedge Maze event Complete. Returned to Sickbay and hailed Elder Poxbourne and Adroha Jezith again.
Thelin has completed his pact with Terris Thule, but has been refused. The only way to escape his torment now is to destroy Terris Thule.

 Terris Thule defeated.
Terris still haunts your nightmares whenever you attempt to recall your battle with her.

 Returned to Sickbay and hailed Elder Poxbourne to complete cycle.
Saved from a world of eternal nightmares, Thelin is forever in your debt.

Plane of Innovation (Level 46+)

 Access to the PoI Factory (Not required)
 Access to Drunder, the Plane of Tactics (Charm upgrade and AA)

 Xanamech event complete and Nitram Anizok hailed.
You remember Nitram's words - 'three small turns to the right on the bottommost rivet should open the door'.

 You have received Manaetic Behemoth Preflag by hailing Giwin Mirakon inside the PoI Factory lobby and following the conversation to its conclusion ("test the machine").

 Manaetic Behemoth defeated and the resulting spawned Giwin Mirakon hailed.
Giwin would like you to find him in Drunder so he can present you to Rallos Zek.

Tier 2

Plane of Valor (Level 55+)

 Access to Halls of Honor (Charm upgrade and AA)

 Aerin`Dar defeated, and entered the Halls of Honor from the caves below Aerin`Dar's prison.
You have defeated Aerin`Dar but have yet to learn the true meaning of Justice.

Plane of Storms (Level 55+)

 Access to the Bastion of Thunder (Charm upgrade and AA)

 Completed this quest with Askr the Lost (head, beard, bone, sash, medallions) for BoT key. Entered BoT through the portal in PoS.
You have shown your prowess in battle to Askr, now you must make strides to get to the Bastion of Thunder.

Ruins of Lxanvom/Crypt of Decay (Level 55+ or this quest)

 Access to the Plane of Torment (1 of 2 Saryrn prerequisites)

 Bertoxxulous preflag. Grummus defeated, hailed Alder Fuirstel and Elder Fuirstel in Sickbay.
Milyk has been saved from certain death, but is not recovering. Only by destroying the ruler of all things pestilent will his curse be lifted.

 Bertoxxulous killed and Planar Projection hailed.
As you recall your memory of your battle against the Plaguebringer, an image of the Fuirstel brothers flashes through your mind.

 Returned to Sickbay and hailed Alder Fuirstel and Elder Fuirstel.
Saved from certain doom, Milyk and Adler are forever in your debt.

Plane of Torment (Level 55+ or this quest)

 1 of 2 Cipher of the Divine Language Chain complete

 You have received Saryrn Preflag by hailing Fahlia Shadyglade and saying "I will go".
Tylis is being tortured by Saryrn. The only way for him to get away from his misery is to escape from the Plane of Torment.

 Keeper of Souls defeated and Tylis Newleaf hailed.
Although it was kind of you to help him, Tylis still seems to have no idea who you are.

 Saryrn defeated and Planar Projection hailed.
You attempt to recall your defeat of Saryrn, but whenever you try to focus you feel a searing pain on your arm.

Tier 3

Halls of Honor (Level 62+ or this quest)

 Access to the Temple of Marr
 1 of 2 Cipher of the Divine Language Chain complete

 Rydda`Dar (NE) defeated and hailed Trydan Faye.
You have beaten Rydda`Dar in the first of Honor's trials.

 Second Trial (NW) defeated and hailed Rhaliq Trell.
You have saved the villagers in the second of Honor's Trials.

 Third Trial (SE) defeated and hailed Alekson Garn.
You have defeated the nomads in the third of Honor's trials.

 Mithaniel Marr defeated and Planar Projection hailed.
You attempt to recall your defeat of Mithaniel, but whenever you try to focus you feel a searing pain on your arm.

Bastion of Thunder (Level 62+)

 Karana lore acquired (Tier A Elemental Planes Prerequisite)

 Agnarr the Storm Lord defeated and Karana hailed.
You recall meeting with Karana, but the memory is clouded. You sense that the answer you seek may be in Storms.

 Grand Librarian Maelin hailed in PoK and conversation followed to conclusion ("what lore"; requires MM complete).
The Cipher of the Divine Language appears on your arms for a brief moment then fades.
The History translated for you reveals the fate of Zebuxoruk. Trapped in the Plane of Time you must gain the power of the elements to gain entrance.

Drunder, Fortress of Zek/Plane of Tactics (Flag or this quest only)

 Access to the Tower of Solusek Ro (Charm upgrade and AA)
 Access to Tier A Elemental Planes (Air, Earth, Water; Charm upgrade and AA)

 Tallon defeated and Planar Projection hailed.
Tallon Fell before you with great ease, you seem to remember some strange pouches around his body, but... well it's probably nothing.

 Vallon defeated and Planar Projection hailed.
Vallon Fell before you with great ease, you seem to remember some strange pouches around his body, but... well it's probably nothing.

 Rallos Zek the Warlord defeated and Planar Projection hailed.
Your heart beat speeds as you recall the Warlord's flaming axe, behind the dark sockets of his helm you sense darker intentions.

 Grand Librarian Maelin hailed in PoK and conversation followed to conclusion ("what information" twice).
Learning of Zebuxoruk's fate, the only way to save him is gather materials that will allow you to power up the machine to send you into the Plane of Time. Maelin has charged you with finding an elemental power source sufficient to activate Meldrath's time machine.

Temple of Solusek Ro (Flag only)

 Access to the Lair of Solusek Ro
 Access to Tier B Elemental Plane (Fire; Charm upgrade and AA)

 Received Plane of Fire Preflag by hailing Miak the Searedsoul and following conversation to conclusion ("portal's destination").
The portal into the Plane of Fire has been altered. Miak needs you to find the correct way to channel the portal.

 Arlyxir defeated and firepot portal clicked.

 Dresolik defeated and firepot poral clicked.

 Jiva defeated and firepot portal clicked.

 Rizlona defeated and firepot poral clicked.

 Xuzl defeated and firepot poral clicked.

 Solusek Ro defeated and Planar Projection hailed.
Besting the Burning Prince proves your might, but you still must prove your warrior's spirit.

Tier 4 - Elemental Planes

 Access to the Plane of Time (Charm upgrade and AA)

Doomfire, the Burning Lands/Plane of Fire

 Defeated Fennin and hailed Planar Projection to obtain Globe of Dancing Flame.

Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind/Plane of Air

 Defeated Xegony and hailed Planar Projection to obtain Amorphous Cloud of Air.

Reef of Coirnav/Plane of Water

 Defeated Coirnav and hailed Planar Projection to obtain Sphere of Coalesced Water.

Vegarlson, the Earthen Badlands/Plane of Earth

 Defeated all ring events, culminating in the Mystical Arbitor of Earth, and halied Planar Projection.

Ragrax, Stronghold of the Twelve/Plane of Earth B

 Defeated Rathe and hailed Planar Projection to obtain Mound of Living Stone.

Plane of Knowledge

 You have completed the quest for the Quintessence of Elements.

 Grand Librarian Maelin hailed in PoK.
Your soul has formed a bond with the Plane of Time. You can now pass through the portal in the Plane of Tranquility safely.

Tier 5 - The Plane of Time

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