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Guild Patron and Prestige FAQ


What are Player Guilds in EQ2?

Player guilds are organizations that ally themselves with one of the two cities in-game (Qeynos or Freeport). These organizations are created to support the factions in each of these cities (currently there are 5 factions in-game for Qeynos and Freeport). "Guilded" players of the same city may ally themselves with any of the faction groups within their home city in order to gain experience and levels for the guild as well as personal status. This translates into rewards from not only the faction, but also the city itself. Player Guilds can have two types of members: Patrons and Followers.

What are Status Points in EQ2?

Status points are a measure of the personal contribution that players make as they complete writs for their home city. In order to earn status you must be in a player guild and accept "city writs" from whatever faction you choose to work for. Gaining status with these factions will unlock rewards that both Patrons and Followers can spend coin on to acquire in-game.

What are "City Writs"?

City writs are tasks that are given by each of the five factions in the cities of Freeport and Qeynos. These are quests that are used to garner both personal status (Patron & Follower) and guild experience (Patron).

The five city factions in Qeynos are:
  • The Celestial Watch (Priest)
  • The Concordium (Mage)
  • The Ironforge Exchange (Artisan)
  • The Qeynos Guard (Fighter)
  • The Tunarian Alliance (Scout)
The five city factions in Freeport are:
  • The Arcane Scientists (Mage?)
  • The Buccaneers (Scout)
  • The Coalition of tradefolk (Artisan)
  • The Dismal Rage (Priest?)
  • The Freeport Militia (Fighter)

Who and Where are the City Writ NPCs?

The following NPCs issue City Writ quests:

Qeynos Level 11-19 Writs (Antonica & Stormhold)
  • North Qeynos - Caretaker Nogfizzle: Standing by the entrace to the Temple of Life.
  • North Qeynos - Guard Williamson: Standing by the steps leading to the palace.
  • South Qeynos - Pupil Adept Wazzlefop: Standing on the ground floor of the Mage Tower.
  • The Eldarr Grove - Wanderer Greencoast: At the base of the Arbos Tree.
Level 20-29 Writs (20-24 Thundering Steppes, 25-29 Tomb of Varsoon)
  • North Qeynos - Disciple Telas'velle: At the bottom of the steps in the Temple of Life.
  • North Qeynos - Guard Rellin: Half-way up the palace stairs.
  • North Qeynos - Envoy Edwards: The Ironforge Exchange, instanced zone behind the Ironforge Estate (currently uninplemented)
  • South Qeynos - Chronicler Steelwill: Enter the blue portal in the mage tower to find him.
  • Eldar Grove - Naturalist Tummfill: At the huts in the Arbos tree.
Level 30-39 Writs
  • North Qeynos - Missionary Jenson: ?
  • North Qeynos - Sergeant Ironcast: ?
  • South Qeynos - Aesthetic Winchester: ?
  • Eldarr Grove - Shepherd Sell'ar: ?
  • (Zone?) - Executor Adept Sal'ynelle: ?
Hallmark Raid Giver

Qeynos Harbor - Royal Accountant Fowler: inside the Coldwind Crier building next to the SQ zone.

Freeport Level 11-19 Writs (Commonlands & Fallen Gate)
  • North Freeport - Neophyte Jhanov: located inside the Academy of Arcane Science
  • North Freeport - Convert Y'Ral: located inside the Temple of War
  • South Freeport - Squab Kalina: located on the boat at the docks
  • West Freeport - Trooper Bonesaw: located inside the Freeport Militia House
Level 20-29 Writs (20-24 Nektulos Forest, 25-29 ?)
  • North Freeport - Occultist Levonicus: ?
  • North Freeport - Archivist Jindlefog: ?
  • South Freeport - Boatswain Fomas: ?
  • West Freeport - Liege Helvanica: ?
  • West Freeport - Guild Patron Volarian: ?
Level 30-39 Writs
  • North Freeport - Blight Sage Destroz: ?
  • North Freeport - Paragon Jalex: ?
  • South Freeport - Marauder Kindolus: ?
  • West Freeport - Baron Zafimus: ?
  • West Freeport - Commisioner Venilos: ?

How does the guild's Level and my Character Level affect the City Writ quests I receive?

Note: Status quests are now assigned based on the character's level rather than their guild's level. Status awards are adjusted accordingly (Update Notes: December 2, 2004).

Should I focus on completing writs for a single faction or all of them?

You are not restricted to a single faction, but it will be more difficult to raise faction with multiple groups versus a single group. Completing a writ for one faction will negatively impact the other four. However, it seems to be the case that one positive faction boost outweighs the negative faction hits. Thus, by completing writs for all factions you are still gaining positive faction with each, albeit VERY slowly. By focusing on one or two factions you will unlock their faction rewards much faster. You may quest for and purchase rewards from any faction that you choose within your home city.

What is Guild Experience in EQ2?

Guild Experience is measure of your guild's overall contribution to the well-being of the city. This is handled in much the same manner as adventuring through a level progression system. As your guild Patrons accrue more guild experience, your guild level will rise. As the guild level rises, this will unlock more prestige rewards that the guild will have access to for their contributions.

How does the game calculate Guild Level?

Guild Level is a "rough" average of the total amount of experience contributed by the guild members.

What is Guild Experience Decay?

As of December 2004, Guild decay is no longer a part of the game mechanics. You now keep the experience (and levels) your earn for your guild.

Can a guild's level decrease?

As of December 2004, a guild's level can no longer decrease via experience decay. However, deguilding or removing a member who has been a member for less than a week will result in a loss of that player's status contribution. The amount removed will vary based on how close to a full week that person has been a member. Guild leaders electing to remove a member will receive a warning as to how this will impact their guild's status (Live Update #12: July 20, 2005).

What does the guild's level influence?

The following occurs as the guild rises in level:

  • More status rewards become available on the nine social status merchants.
  • The coin and/or status cost of status rewards will decrease as the guild levels.
  • Hallmark Raids become available at certain guild levels.
  • Certain NPCs in your home city may treat you differently (not confirmed).

What does my Faction Level influence?

As you complete city writ quests, whether as a Follower or Patron, your faction standing will increase with the group you're doing the quests for. As your faction with this group rises, it will unlock more status rewards with the corresponding faction merchant.

What is a Patron?

As of Live Update #13: September 13, 2005 (Desert of Flames), patrons are no longer part of the game mechanics.

Guild Status works slightly differently than Personal Status, but is calculated based upon the number of unique user accounts present in the guild. For guilds where the number of unique accounts is 6 or fewer:

<guild status earned> = <personal status earned> ÷ 6

For guilds with more than 6 unique accounts, up to 24:

<guild status earned> = <personal status earned> ÷ <number of unique guild Guild accounts>

For guilds with more than 24 unique accounts:

<guild status earned> = <personal status earned> ÷ 24

What is a Follower?

As of Live Update #13: September 13, 2005 (Desert of Flames), patrons are no longer part of the game mechanics.

Can I choose not to participate at all?

Yes. There is no requirement to do city writ quests at all. Like crafting or general questing, it is up to you whether you want to experience that aspect of the game.

What happens if I leave the guild?

The following things will occur:

  • You retain your personal status points.
  • As a Follower, it does not affect the guild's level.
  • Deguilding someone who has been a guild member for less than a week will result in a loss of that player's status contribution. The amount removed will vary based on how close to a full week that person has been a member. Guild leaders electing to remove a member will receive a warning as to how this will impact their guild's status (Live Update #12: July 20, 2005).
  • You cannot spend your personal status points until you join another guild.

Can I take my guild contribution points to another guild?

No. Any experience you contribute as a member of a guild is tied to that guild. When you join another guild your guild contribution will be zero until you've completed city writs for that guild.

Can I lose my personal status points?

No. You cannot lose your personal status points.

Note: People have reported losing ALL of their personal status points upon leaving a guild. This is believed to be a bug until a Dev confirms otherwise.

Status & Faction Rewards

There are nine merchants in both Qeynos and Freeport that are part of the Social Status system. Five of these merchants are Faction Merchants and four are City Merchants.

Who and Where are the Faction Merchants?

Faction Merchants correspond to the five factions within your home city. Guild members can purchase status rewards from Faction Merchants using personal coin.

Faction merchants are typically located near their corresponding writ givers. They can be found in the following locations:

  • The Qeynos Guard - Merchant Aldermun: up the first set of palace stairs, then off to the right of the stairs in a cubbyhole.
  • The Concordium - Merchant Shinolio: first floor of the mage tower flanked by a flying carpet.
  • The Tunarian Alliance - Merchant TrilliumL up on the Arbos tree platform.
  • The Celestial Watch - Merchant Meredeth: inside the Temple of Life, flanked by two spirit steeds.
  • The Ironforge Exchange - ?: (presumably inside the Ironforge Exchange behind the estate - currently there is only one NPC there that is neither a writ giver nor a faction merchant).

[If someone has the exact names and locations of the Freeport faction merchants, please post here and I will add them.]

Who and Where are City Merchants?

City Merchants can be accessed by Patrons only. Patrons can use their personal status points to purchase status rewards from these merchants.

  • Qeynos Harbor - City Merchant Rabbleson: SE side of the archways that lead to the docks.
  • South Qeynos - City Merchant Jowling: second story of The Herb Jar (vial symbol on the map).
  • North Qeynos - City Merchant Tatterhorn: inside the armor shop, Call to Arms.
  • Eldarr Grove - City Merchant Mirthmire: inside Antonica's House of Pottery (bow & arrow symbol on the map).

[If someone has the names and locations of the City Merchants, please post here and I will add them].

What if I completed the Betrayal Quest?

Members that betray their cities will be considered full members of their new homes once they complete the betrayal quest. This means they can participate in the player guilds system in their new city as if the character had originated from that city to begin with.

What are the "Hallmark" Guild Raids?

This is an additional raid that is unlocked as the guild levels. The city gives the guild organization a special commission to seek out and destroy particular enemies. Once unlocked (assuming the necessary guild level is maintained) the guild can complete the raid once a week. Both Patrons and Followers of the guild city can participate in "Hallmark" raids.

Hallmark raids will reward in-game items but not to the significance of normal adventuring raids. They are intended to be an added "bonus" for guilds aiding their city. The toughest fights in the game are still found and un-locked in the traditional manner.

Hallmark raids do not give out the "phat lewt". Instead they are fun gatherings that the guild can take part in. Think of them in the same manner as a quick "pick-up" raid that gives the members who are just logging in something quick and fun to do.

Adapted from Adapted from: Duinor, "Unofficial Political Prestige Q&A Version 2.0" http://eqiiforums.station.sony.com/eq2/board/message?board.id=tips&message.id=955#M955, accessed 2004-12-23

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