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Iksar Monk Shackle Quests

Iksar Monk Shackle Quests

Dust - Clay - Stone - Rock - Copper - Bronze - Steel

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Shackle of Dust (first shackle of first rung) - Recommended Level 1+

This is the first shackle, it should be your first piece of equipment. It is earned by simply turning in your guild summons to Grand Master Glox. Wear it proudly, young monk!

Grand Master Glox breaks his meditation and quickly grabs your forearms. You feel the raw power in his heavily callused hands. Out of nowhere, his tail sweeps forward and places a shackle upon your wrist. He then points south towards Master Bain and returns to his meditation.

(NOTE: Don't waste your time with Bain, his quests are useless. Instead head to Master Raska to earn your next shackle.)

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Shackle of Clay (second shackle of first rung) - Recommended Level 4-5+

This shall be your first real quest as a monk. Master Raska believes you to still be an inexperienced whiff, and offers to help you become a monk. For completing his quest you recieve the Shackle of Clay.

Master Raska says 'Hmmph!! Expect to be a great master such as I? Maybe. You still appear to be a [whiff].'
>What is a wiff?
Master Raska says 'A whiff is the sound of a tail striking air. A whiff is you. Inexperienced. I can help you. If you [want to earn the second shackle].'
>I want to earn the second shackle.
Master Raska says 'Then you shall perform the first rite. Take this pack. To the Outlands you will go. You will fill and combine the pack with one of each of the following - goblin scout beads, a large scorpion pincer, a froglock skipper skipping stone and a sabertooth cub canine. Return the full first rite pack and you shall prove yourself a monk.'

Items you need:

  • Goblin Scout Beads - found in Lake of Ill Omen or Warsliks Woods off of Goblin Scouts, which are approx. level 2-4.
    <image for goblin scout>
  • A Large Scorpion Pincer - found in the 'pit' area of the Field of Bone off large scorpions, which are approx. level 4-6.
  • Skipping Stone - found in the Swamp of No Hope off Froglok Skippers, which are approx. level 3-5. (TIP: You can usually find these on vendors in the swamp, newbies who don't know what they're for usually sell them.)
  • Sabertooth Cub Canine - found in the Lake of Ill Omen off Sabertooth Cub's, which are approx. level 3-4.

Master Raska says 'You have succeeded, young <your name here>! You have proven yourself a skilled monk. You will now wear the shackle of clay. You will now be required to increase your intensity of training in hope that you may soon be able to earn you [shackle of stone].'

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Shackle of Stone (first shackle of second rung) - Recommended Level 8-12+

When turning in the first rite pack, Master Raska gives you the trigger text for the Shackle of Stone.

Master Raska says 'You have succeeded, young <your name here>! You have proven yourself a skilled monk. You will now wear the shackle of clay. You will now be required to increase your intensity of training in hope that you may soon be able to earn you [shackle of stone].'
>What shackle of stone?
Master Raska says 'Interested in the shackle of stone are we? They are made for monks who have earned their first two shackles and are ready to climb up the next rung. A monk who feels he is ready to wear the shackle of stone must first [perform the task of clensing].'
>I will perform the task of cleansing.
Master Raska says 'Go forth to the outer gates and seek out the Iksar bandits. They have refused to bow to the will of the empire and shall pay dearly for their traitorous ways. They often wear bandit masks. If you return with two bandit masks and the shackles of dust and clay then I shall reward you with the shackle of stone.'

Items you need:

  • (2) an iksar bandit mask - Found in the 'pit' area of the Field of Bone, off of Iksar Bandit's, which are approx. level 9-10.
  • Shackle of Dust
  • Shackle of Clay

Master Raska says 'You have done supremely, <your name here>. You have earned your shackle of stone. Mistress Niska will now help you on your way to earning the shackle of rock. May the elements guide you to the next rung.'

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Shackle of Rock (second shackle of second rung) - Recommended Level 15-20+

After completing the Shackle of Rock, Master Raska tells you that you should see Master Niska and ask her about the shackle of rock.

>Hail, Master Niska
Master Niska bows with elegance and grace. You can see her arms rippling with muscles. 'Greetings. We are the Swifttails. We are the harnessers of the elements. We are the tails of discipline. To achieve rebirth into our caste is a great honor indeed.'
>What shackle of rock?
Master Niska strikes within inches of your snout with amazing speed. 'The shackle of rock is your interest? Then learn well our ways and prepare yourself. If the stone embraces your wrist, your are ready indeed. To complete the second rung you must find for me the [The Fists of Talon.'
>What Fists of Talon?
Master Niska points to the Court Chronicler. 'All that is known of Talon has been chronicled. Should you obtain the fists then you shall hand them to me. This shall earn you the shackle of rock.'

More information on Talon found in the book 'Talon Southpaw' from the court chronicler.

Get the fists of Talon, how hard could that be, right? Wrong. This is, in my opinion, the hardest shackle quest. It contains more rare mobs than any other quest i've ever came across. The trick to this quest is that there are actually three fists. Talon Southpaw had two left fists, the second one was attached to his tail. I have created guides for each of the fists, you can read them below.

Items you need:

Iksar Left Hand #1

The first left fist of Talon Southpaw is dropped off a sarnak courier in the Lake of Ill Omen. Can usually be found roaming between the skeleton house and the windmill, #12 and #13 on this map, respectively. The courier is approx. level 15, should be an easy kill.

Iksar Left Hand #2

Talon Southpaw's "special" fist is being held by Gomoz. Gomoz is 'a dancing skeleton' that The Great Oowomp in Timorous Deep summons when you give him 5gp. The Great Oowomp is actually indifferent, or should be, to you. The ogre behind him, is not, and will attack you on sight if you are a lower level, causing Oowomp to assist. Once you get Oowomp to summon the dancing skeleton, ask the dancing skeleton 'are you gomoz' and he will talk to you about Talon Southpaw and eventually give you a fist with only a thumb which you must complete by getting its 4 fingers.

Oowomp is level 34. The raider behind him is approximately level 20 and will not attack if he's green to you, unless you sit down or something.

>Hail, The Great Oowomp
The Great Oowomp gestures as if casting a powerful spell. 'Come forward, adventurer! Come and [see the dancing skeleton]. I shall cast a powerful spell and bring forth this operatic, clattering jumble of bones and he shall do a fine dance for you. From the nether regions and planes beyond, I call forth this bardic, magical, rhyming, tap-dancing hunk of undead!! I am Oowomp the Great!!'
>I want to see the dancing skeleton.
The Great Oowomp says 'Oh!! You wish to see the great Oowomp perform his magic!! I have studied with the grand mages and wise [McMerin clan] of Norrath, as my speech implies. I can call forth the skeleton with but a twinkling of my power and five of your gold.

Give Oowomp 5gp and you get:

The Great Oowomp flings the coins into the air and they all fall neatly into his oversized coin pouch. <Tink, tink, tink, tink, TINK!!> 'Gaze in awe at my awesome powers of the arcane!! You, a simple citizen, shall see my power. Allakabam!!'

>Are you Gomoz?
a dancing skeleton says 'Gomoz!! Why, that is me! I was heading off to be with the elements when I was captured by this smelly ogre. Actually, he is not as smelly as most.'
>What of Talon Southpaw?
a dancing skeleton says 'Master Talon Southpaw!! He was my master. Dead, he became. Off to the elements. I keep his special hand with me. Perhaps I should have it returned. Maybe I shall find a young adventurer to [return the hand to Cabilis].'
>I will return the hand to Cabilis.
a dancing skeleton says 'Yes!! Return the hand. Here it is. Missing four it is. Within the tower of past pain and torture is where the four lie. Taken by bones similar to myself.'

Once you get the fist with only a thumb from Gomoz, you need to head to Kurn's Tower to retrieve the 4 fingers. In the "stable" area of Kurn's will spawn a fingered skeleton, he randomly drops the fingers you need. You will have to kill him at least 4 times, probably closer to 20 to get all the fingers. I would suggest shouting in the zone that you are looking for them, there is usually a higher level down in that area camping the undead jester for the Iksar Berserker Club. When I was first doing the quest I shouted and some nice druid who had been there 3 days camping the club had all 4 fingers and gladly gave them to me. The fingered skeleton should be around level 20, and usually has a Fine Steel weapon. You can refer to this map, the skeleton spawns in the general area of the #3.

Iksar Right Hand

If you ask the bartender in the Tink and Babble pub near the bank he tells a small story about how fast Talon Southpaw was and that he believes one of his fists is in the keeping of Master Rinmark.

>Hail, Klok Poklon
Klok Poklon says 'Greetings, thirsty travler. Pull up a stool and lay yer copper down. It's time to drink and be merry. Just don't get too merry or I will have to call the troopers.
>What of Talon Southpaw?
Klok Poklon feints with two left hooks!! 'Talon Southpaw. He had the fastest hands in the empire. I remember he once beat another lizard in an arm wrestling match. The amazing thing was, while he was gripping the croak's left hand, he left-hooked him without losing his hold!! That's quick!! I hear one of his treasured hands is in the possession of a monk called Master Rinmark.'

Master Rinmark can be found on the 'chessboard' island in Timorous Deep (approx loc -5000, 3000, just NorthEast of #7 on this map). If you ask him about Talon Southpaw he says he needs a monk to return the fist to Cabilis. Tell him you return the fist and he sends you on a little quest to prove yourself a monk. He gives you a pack and asks you to combine 4 things in it:

  • an excavator's claw - Obtained by killing Burynai Excavator's in the Field of Bone or Kurn's Tower. The Excavator's are approx. level 14-16.
  • intact brutling choppers - Obtained by killing skulking brutling's in Warsliks Woods. This guy can be a pain to find, your best bet would be to kill any roaming mobs near the Overthere zone in Warsliks, close to the 'bandit lake', #9 on this map. The brutling is approx. level 12-13.
  • a sash of an exiled human monk - Obtained by killing a young Ronin in Oasis of Marr. Look along the NRO zone line, when I saw first saw him he was near the Orc Highway, after I had killed him I was walking towards the shore and saw him again, about the same distance from the NRO border, but this time closer to the shore. A young ronin is approx. level 12-14.
    • sparring gloves - Obtained by killing goblin pitfighter's in Warsliks Woods. These can be found either inside the fort, or a little east of the fort in the goblin hut near the path, it's #2 on this map. A goblin pitfighter is approx. level 16-20.

Returning the combined pack back to Master Rinmark gives you an iksar right hand.


When you turn in the three fists to Mistress Niska you get the Shackle of Rock.

Master Niska removes a crudely hewn shackle. This is yours. It is one of the keys to the third rung. I see that you are truly a great monk and have studied your disciplines well. I have need for one as you. I have heard of [troubles with an outlander].'

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Shackle of Copper (first shackle of third rung) - Recommended Level 35+

After you turn in the three fists for the Shackle of Rock, you get the text to respond to in order to initiate the Shackle of Copper quest.

>What troubles with an outlander?
Master Niska says 'It seems Klok Ephmir has encountered an outlander who was hunting the food we lizards enjoy. The legion will not act without proof of this outlander's existence. We were asked by the Baron to find this proof. We shall do this. You shall provide me with the outlander's head and the shackles of rock and stone!!'

Items you need:

  • An Outlander's Head - Obtained by killing Kwinn the Outlander in Firiona Vie. Kwinn is a very rare spawn, and can usually be found in the NorthEast corner of the zone, roaming from the 'muddy hill' area towards the giant camp. The best way to make him spawn would probably be to kill everything that roams between the aforementioned area. Kwinn the Outlander is level 29-31.
  • Shackle of Stone
  • Shackle of Rock

Master Niska says 'Very good!! Here is your shackle of copper. The emperor shall be pleased that I, Mistress Niska, have slain the outlander. Do you have some time? I need someone to be my [personal courier]? Will you?

Nice of a guildmaster to take credit for our work, and use us as couriers.

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Shackle of Bronze (second shackle of third rung) - Recommended Level 30+

Delivering the tin box you recieve from Niska to Rinmark in Timorous Deep (approx loc -5000, 3000), initiates the Shackle of Bronze quest.

an iksar master opens the box to reveal a variety of pebbles. 'How grand!! My pebbles!! Now I can continue with my rock garden!! Hmmm. You look familiar. Hey!! I bet you can help me complete my garden!! Would you please [assist old Rinmark in completeing his rock garden]?'
>I will assist old rinmark in completing his rock garden.
an iksar master pours the pebbles into his pocket and hands the box to you. 'Take my box. Fill and combine within my box the following: a radiant meteorite, frontier fool's gold, petrified redwood, Rile's sand coin, sulfur stone, fragment of tektite, plains pebble, jade magma, heart of ice and an unholy coldstone. Return the full tin box to me and I shall reward you with a shackle of bronze.'

Items you need:

  • a radiant meteorite - Foraged in burning woods.
  • frontier fool's gold - Foraged in Frontier Mountains.
       Note, there are two kinds of gold nuggets you forage. One identifies as a Genuine Gold Nuggest, this is *NOT* the one you want. You want one that identifies as Frontier Fool's Gold. Also, the Genuine will sell to vendors, fools gold will not.
  • petrified redwood - Foraged from Warsliks Wood .
  • Rile's sand coin (NO DROP) - Foraged in Timorous Deep.
  • sulfur stone - The real item name is "a scarlet stone". Obtained by killing Drolvarg Scavengers in Firiona Vie. Drolvarg Scavengers are level 27.
  • fragment of tekite (NO DROP) - Give the gargoyle Tekite in the outpost in Overthere two carnelian gems and he gives you a fragment of Tekite. Best way to do this would be to grab a caster and threaten to beat him senseless if he doesn't cast invisibility on you, then sneak up behind Tekite and hand him the gems. Sow helps incase your invis fades and you have to run (like me).
  • plains pebble - Foraged in the Karanas. I got mine by hitting forage when I was running through the Karana's to Permafrost for the unholy coldstone.
  • jade magma (NO DROP) - Obtained by killing Burynai Miner's in Frontier Mountains. Burynai Miner's are approx level 28-33.
  • heart of ice (NO DROP) - Obtained by killing icebone skeletons in the Lake of Ill Omen. Icebone Skeleton is approx level 22-24.
  • an unholy coldstone (NO DROP) - Obtained by killing goblin priests' in Permafrost. A goblin priest is approx level 18-22. I tried this at level 28, and it was a major pain. A level 26 druid and I got overwhelmed by goblins and had to be rescued by a 44 necro who slaughtered the goblins and let me loot the stone. I wouldnt suggest trying this solo until at least level 32 or so. I found my goblin priest just to the left of #7 on this map, in that little deadend hallway.

an iksar master graciously accepts the tin box filled with precious rocks and gems. 'Thank you greatly, young Monk. For your deed, I bestow upon you the shackle of bronze!! You have completed the third rung. Alas, there is no time for celebration. I need your help in rescuing a [student] of mine.'

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Shackle of Steel (first shackle of fourth rung) - Recommended Level 45+

You are given this quest after you turn in your pebbles for the Shackle of Bronze. Rinmark asks you to rescue a student of his.

an iksar master graciously accepts the tin box filled with precious rocks and gems. 'Thank you greatly, young Monk. For your deed, I bestow upon you the shackle of bronze!! You have completed the third rung. Alas, there is no time for celebration. I need your help in rescuing a [student] of mine.
>Where is your student?
an iksar master hands you what appears to be the base of a key. 'This was delivered to me by a dying student. He was accompanying a student of mine named Veltar. They were questing for the legendary Whistling Fists. The key is made of a metal I have never felt or heard of. Find him.'

Here Master Rinmark also alludes to the existence of Whistling Fists. He gives a little more information when inquired about them.

>What Whistling Fists?
an iksar master says 'The Whistling Fists are rumored to be magical instruments of destruction which can only be wielded by monks. The founder, Supreme Master Tynn, was the only lizard to ever gaze upon the weapon. He only spoke of it to his student Mathor. Marthor rarely spoke of it and when he did it was usually after a few flagons of Trog Brew. That is why many consider it to be babble.'

Veltar is 'an iksar slave' in the jail area of Droga. You know it's him by hailing him and getting the following response:

>Hail, an iksar slave
an iksar slave seems to have lost all hope. He sadly looks to the ground. His shackles are different than the others you see in this cell. One is definitely steel and not of goblin design. The other is made of an unfamiliar metal.

Poor guy. To free him you must obtain a coppernickel key by getting the copper key from a goblin interrogator, also in Droga, and the nickel key from a goblin penkeeper in Dalnir and combining them in a large key base given to you by Master Rinmark. Give him the key and your shackles of Copper and Bronze and you recieve the Shackle of Steel and free Veltar, causing him to immediately despawn.

Items you need:

  • A Copper Key - Obainted by killing a goblin interrogator or goblin penkeeper in the jail area of Droga. If your able to make it down to that area alive, you should be able to kill him. :)
  • A Nickel Key - Obtained by killing a goblin penkeeper in Dalnir. The goblin penkeeper is level 30. He can spawn in two places on level 3 in Dalnir. The easiest would probly be the crusader's room. I sat there for two hours one night camping the crusader gathering Bamboo Bo Stick's to distribute to young monk's and got the penkeeper twice.
  • A Coppernickel Key - Obtained by combining the copper key and nickel key in the large key base Master Rinmark gives you
  • Shackle of Copper
  • Shackle of Bronze

Turn this key in along with your Shackle of Copper and Shackle of Bronze to recieve your Shackle of Steel.

>What Whistling Fists?
an iksar slave says 'You seek the Whistling Fists? I also. My quest led me here. Within Droga is a gnome metal contraption which was to help me translate a spectral scroll I found in the City of Mist. I can tell you no more.'


[Note: This page has been slightly modified to be mirrored from its original location at http://www.geocities.com/jaofos/ - the notes contained in this section are written from the viewpoint of the original author.]

Most all of the images on this site were taken myself, with the exception of the coppernickel key and copper key, as I don't have those yet, and as soon as I get them, I will be taking screenshots of them to replace the ones I borrowed. Those images were taken from this site. Nysalor on the Monkly Business message boards posted this site, I'm not totally sure if he is the author or not, but it is an excellent guide to the Shackle of Steel quest. The images of the torn sash and iksar left hand from the courier were kindly provided by Rassaths of the Seventh Hammer server. Many thanks!

If you have any questions I can be reached on EverQuest on the Cazic-Thule server, my name is Krystalis. I can also be emailed, [email protected].

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