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The Journey is Half the Fun

General notes for all the runs:

  1. Sprint as much as possible.
  2. Use the highest tier drink you can get for max power regen.
  3. If you have preorder Jboots, put them on. They aren't supposed to stack with SoW and Pathfinding, but they do.
  4. If you're doing the runs in a group, I suggest having one person call the sprints to synchronize power usage.
  5. The updates can be buggy, so I also suggest having groupmembers make a "got it" hotkey to hit so the person leading knows when to jet to the next location.
  6. Most races do not end at the race starter. You must run to specific points which I'll detail in each run's notes.
  7. The chance of a person falling behind, missing an update, dying or otherwise b0rking things increases geometrically with the number of people running at once. This goes double if the level of the group isn't high enough to grey out the local aggro MOBs.
  8. I suggest using Single target SoW in addition to or in place of pathfinding if you have it. It doesn't drop when the caster is out of range, which is good if someone lags behind. Note that the speed of Pathfinding and SoW scale up with level, so have the highest level person cast whichever spell you're using.
  9. Make the paladins and SKs turn off their class horses. At low levels the slight boost over SoW doesn't make up for the inability to sprint. At high levels Sow and Path are outright faster. Store-bought horses, however, are great if you have them.
  10. The run timer does not vary based on level, size of the group, group make-up, number of buffs, type of buffs or phase of the moon. It's the always the same.
  11. All my runs were tested at L.39 SoW and aggro levels, sans preorder Jboots.

Step 1 - Antonica

Run to the North Qeynos gates and get the quest from Cru Naseto. He will send you to see Selinda Wintersong between the two guard posts. Her position is the star on the above map.

Initiate the run by speaking to her, then hoof it! You'll have 14 minutes, which is enough even without SoW or a horse.

Point 1: The tower of Vhalen. You need only get close to the base of the tower to get the update.

Point 2: The Gnollslayer Keep. Run close to the moat on the south side for this one.

Point 3: The Ruins of Caltorsis. Catch a griffin ride to the Oracle station, then run East to the ruins. The spot is surrounded by undead MOBs and is hard to miss.
WARNING: Beware the cliffs when running past the Oracle tower!

Point 4: The Tower of the Oracles. Run back west and brush the tower for the update. Again, mind the cliffs!

Point 5: The Keep of the Ardent Needle. It's another fort, and easy to spot. After the update, run around the mountain and back to the start. the 'finish line' is between the towers, in the road. Keep running East until you get the final update. Talk to the quest NPC to get the next segment of the quest, then it's off to the Commonlands...

Step 2 - The Commonlands

Initiate the run by speaking to Sian D'ior. His location is the star on the above map. The in-game map from which I copied it doesn't show the outer towers, but he's standing next to the northernmost of the two. This run is also 15 minutes, which is plenty with SoW. There's enough extra time that this one might be doable without any speed enhancers.

Be warned that Sian is a typical inky. He goes straight from "Ready..." to "Set-go, fooled you, haha!" in one click, so don't update past the hail until you're eady to roll.

Before starting this stage, run to lucan's mount and look for a rock MOB named Terrathud standing on the top. If he's up there, you'll need to pull him down and kill him or he'll throw you off as you climb up, even if he's grey.

Point 1: The Crossroads. Run directly through the center of the crossroads to get the update. Continue West to Lucan's Mount.

Point 2: Lucan's Mount. The update is at the top of the rock. Jumping off into the water after you get it saves time, but beware landing on a boulder. Hopefully you've checked for/killed Terrathud already, or this checkpoint can be a pain. Nobody plays King of the Hill like Terrathud.

Point 3: Zarvonn's Tower. It's the skinny tower surrounded by ghosts, right near the Nektulos zoneline. Run close enough to get the update, then head South.

Point 4: The Ring of Nature. It's a druid ring. Run through it and head SW to the next checkpoint.

Point 5: The Ruins of Valmarr. The ruins are a large square of spaced rocks on the overland map. Run through the middle of it for a sure update and head due East. Cross both bridges over which the blue line travels, then veer a bit southward.

Point 6: Turmoil Cemetary. Jump over the wall for the update and head back to the starting point. The finish line is between the outer towers. Note again that the outer towers are not the towers visible on the map. They are at the star. Talk to Sian to receive an interim reward and be sent to the next step.

Commons Interim Reward: Sian's Bracelet of Adroitness

Step 3 - Thundering Steppes

This run is not beatable without evac and SoW/Pathfinding.

Initiate the run by speaking with Lessa Gentare on the dock. Lessa's spot is the star on the above map.

Point 1: Thundermist Village. Run West from the docks down the undead valley. The village is the second right-hand opening. Run just far enough North to get the update, then return to the valley and continue Southwest.

Point 2: Deadview pass. This is also where Ott Stompgut for the Qeynos AQ quests pops. Run left after the undead valley opens out to the plain and head up into the pass enough to get the update.

Point 3: The Shrine of the Sirens. The shrine is underwater. From the pass, run Northwest to the coast. The shrine is under the "3" on the map a ways out from shore. The update point is near the sea floor to the left of the shrine's bottom front step when facing it.

Point 4: The Shrine of Decay. After the sirens update, run back to Deadview pass and directly through it, continuing East across the bridge, through giant territory and past the next gully into gnoll land. The shrine is the rock sculpture surrounded by gnolls. This update is buggy. About 50% of the time running a full group through, at least one person doesn't get it and has to rerun.

Point 5: Coldwind Cove. Coldwind cove is just the East end of the beach. Head toward the tent under the '5' on the map and you'll get the update.

Point 6: Grave Pool. The grave pool is the long pool with three small islands in it on the overland map. Head north up the gully after getting the Coldwind update and you'll run right into it. The update point is on the Northeast side, roughly under the '6.'

Point 7: EVAC! There won't be enough time on the clock to run back. Hit it once everyone has the pool update and you'll be zapped next to the finish line. The update point is on the dock, a bit East of Lessa. Run toward the mariner bells until you get it, then talk to her to be sent on to Nektulos.

Step 4 - Nektulos Forest

This is the hardest section of the quest. The time allotted leaves little margin for error even with SoW, evac and a perfectly-streamlined path. There is a trick that makes this run trivial, but I'll save it for after the 'proper' write-up.

Initiate the route by speaking with Stro D'Proi at the Commonlands zoneline. You will have 15 minutes, and you'll need it. Even after running people through it over a dozen times I finish with only 20-30 seconds to spare when not wearing preorder Jboots.

To win this stage you must run the straightest path possible over the entire course. Ignore the roads unless they overlap a beeline, and cut every corner. My general strategy is to 'aim' myself at the next major obstacle or goal and run with minimal course correction.

Point 1: Behemoth Pond. From the bridge run directly at a point midway up the lower-right hand side of the diamond-shaped island under the '1' on the map. The pond itself is in the center, but you only need to brush by 50 feet to the East of it to get the update.

Point 2: Gorgoyle Gorge. As soon as you get the behemoth update, point yourself *straight* at N'Marr and run to it with as little deviation as the terrain allows. Head up N'Marr and turn immediately right. This is a key time saver - if you follow the road North then turn right on the other side of the hill, you will fail. Once you get around the back of the hill, point yourself Northeast and run straight for the '2' on the map. Again - cut every corner.

Point 3: Nektropos Castle. Keep running NE along the path through Gargoyle Gorge. It ends at Nektropos and the update is about 60 feet from the front door.

Point 4: N'Marr's Ascent. It's back to N'Marr for point 4. Remember the shortcut behind the hill, and keep cutting corners.

Point 5: D'abth Bridge. Run as straight a path as possible from N'marr, ignoring the roads. The update is on the East side of the bridge.

Point 6: Port Naythex. I know this is getting redundant, but - ignore the road and run the straightest path possible. The update point is at the beach end of the valley, about 30 feet onto the sand and to the left of the hill.

Point 7: EVAC! Fire it once everyone has the port update. The group will be zapped to the CL entrance, usually with between 20 and 30 seconds remaining if your path was straight and no one has preorder Jboots. The finish line is at the MERCHANT END of the bridge, so run across as soon as you touch down after porting. Breathe a sigh of relief after the timer stops and talk to Stro to receive an interim reward and be sent to the next step.

Marker Times: If you get to the bottom of N'marr (return trip) with 5:00 or more, you're on your way to a win. 3:20+ at D'abth is a sure thing if your path through owlbear land is straight.

WEENIE CHEATING: You can finish the run with 2+ minutes left if you leap off the top of N'Marr on the way to the D'abth update. Release and you'll respawn on the West end of the bridge, saving a good 1:30. You must leap either straight South after the second turn or off to the Right or you'll respawn back at Bone Lake.

Nektulos Interim Reward: Runners Ring

Step 5 - Zek

The rest of the runs were aggro at my level. Most of my instructions henceforth are directed at avoiding death. If you're 45+ the last three zones are completely trivial; just follow the maps and try to stay awake.

This run gives *plenty* of time. Don't worry about running a perfect path or having to make a detour or two. I ran erratically and paused to gather '?'s and still beat it with 1:30 remaining on my first successful try.

Initiate it by talking with Soci Esign in the Northeast tower of the Dock Outpost. She's in the same room as the joe for the EF access quest.

The gate and bridge triggered spawns will chase you forever. If you pop one of them, they will probably kill you while you're riding the mine elevator at the end of the run. I've included instructions on how to avoid them.

Point 1: Grove Stones. Run Northeast from the outpost and up through the Easternmost of the two North valleys, then turn right. You only need to swing by 40-50 feet to the North of the druid ring to get the update.

Point 2: Charred Vale. Run around the zone counter-clockwise, following the blue line. The update is in the charred area past the second gate and over the hill. You'll likely pick up snake and/or tree aggro during this checkpoint, but it's easily shaken. Just don't stop! You only need to step a couple feet into the soot to get the update, then jet due west toward the Lookout Tower. Avoid the orc gates' spawns by running over the rocks to the left at the first one and up the leftmost leaning post at the second.

Point 3: Deathfist Lookout. Run due West, then veer north to the lookout rock. Try to avoid picking up lion aggro near the base; they can be a pain when running back down. The update is at the very top of the spire.

Point 4: Zek Bridge. Run down the spire and East around the wall to the bridge. DO NOT RUN ACROSS THE BRIDGE! Run about 5 feet onto it to get the update.

Point 5: Deathfist citadel. Splash across the pond between the aggro radii of the two orc guards. Fish will likely spot and chase you, but ignore them and keep running. Run along the sand after skirting the orc and pop out into deathfist valley to the left of the bridge. Turn left and hug the wall until you get to the other side of the first orc spawn battlements, then run to the road. The update is a little West of the skulls-on-sticks.

Point 6: Spirit Lake. Sprint back to the Bridge and then to the right of it, running over the sand. Any Citadel aggro you picked up will give up quickly. Avoid the solo orc guards again and splash through the water. The fish will probably reaggro, but ignore them. TIP: You can run over the top of the rock wall directly south of the pond's West section. Look at the orange line for a clear picture of what I mean. Run directly to the second orc gate, ignoring any aggro you pick up. DO NOT RUN BACK THROUGH THE GATE! Run to the East side of it and jump your way up the rock wall and over the fence. If you don't get over the fence quickly, aggro might catch you. It can be tricky if you've never done it before. You can also get over the West side, but for me the East wall is easier. From there, retrace your steps and head to the spiral lake under the 6 on the map. Remember to jump over the stones to the right of the second gate. The Spiral Lake update will trigger when you get within 15-20 feet of it. Don't touch the water or yet another surprise pop will trigger and chase you.

Point 7: Deathfist Quarry. Run to the mine and take the elevator down to the bottom. Run 5 feet into one of the tunnels for the update, then evac to the dock. You should still have plenty of time on the clock even if you dawdled.

Finish: Run out through the front gates of the outpost to stop the timer, then talk to Soci to move on to the next step.

Step 6 - Enchanted Lands

This run is doesn't give much time over what's required, but it's still very easy even with aggro. Initiate it by talking to Banoo Corest at the Granary. Her location is marked by the star on the map. You'll only be given 8 minutes to finish.

Point 1: Runnyeye Ward. The ward is the large wooden sculpture of a head directly north of the granary. Run by for the update and head East.

Point 2: Tagglefoot Farms. Run East to the river, then follow it North and around to the East again. You'll pick up siren aggro, but they don't hurt much. You'll get the update within 30 feet of the farm's outer fence.

Point 3: Camp Ghobber. This is also called, 'Nightblood Tower.' Run north from the farm, grab the update (20 feet from the base) and EVAC.

Point 4: Goblin Pass. My map doesn't show it clearly, but it's the pass between the two mountains to the Southwest of Runnyeye. Run North from the docks and make as close to a beeline as possible for the '4' I marked. You'll get the update almost exactly at that spot.

Point 5: Lookout Stump. Run South to the giant stump, swing near it for the update, then beat feet for the granary again. WARNING: The stump update is buggy like the TS gnoll shrine. You might fail at this point and have to re-run. The 'finish line' is close to Banoo. Talk to her to receive an interim reward and be sent on to the last step. Banoo is a sore loser, so give her a /rude for me.

Enchanted lands Interim Reward:Amulet of the Far-runner

Step 7 - The Feerrott

This run gives enough time that finishing with evac leaves 4+ minutes on the clock. Without evac there is still plenty of time. It might be beatable without SoW if you port out at Point 7.

DON'T STOP. AT ALL. If you're of a level to get jumped in here, stopping at any point if you're not sure of clear aggro is asking to be stomped. Most Feerrott MOBs are meleers who can't kill you otherwise if they don't one-shot you as you run past. I suggest not sprinting below half power to save a reserve in case things get hairy.

Initiate it at Chon Ar'Edij. He's a Zen kinda' guy located at the star on the map. You be given 15 minutes, which is enough for a 3-legged tortoise. You have to be at least Level 30 in order to recieve the quest (Update Notes: August 12, 2005).

Point 1: Alliz Temple. Follow the blue line southward, ignoring anything that jumps you. Most of it can be skirted with clever running. When you reach the temple, run to the right of the bridge and down to the southern zone wall, then head East outside the South side lizards' aggro radii. Juke North just East of the MOBs to get the update (20 feet from the building), then take off Eastward.

Point 2: Ruins of Thule. Run east past the druid ring, skirting as much aggro as possible and ignoring the rest. The ruins are a dark bluish building filled with lizards. Brush by the North wall past the lone guard for the update.

Point 3: Alliz Tae Outpost. This is the only really dangerous part because you have to run straight through a camp of caster lizards right where the blue line makes a slight turn midway between 2 and 3. They've only killed me once (when I stopped - see tip B), but they can root, which if it lands will be the end of you. You have to run very close to the Tae outpost to get the update. I just run right through it and train the lizards around the pond counter-clockwise. Very little spawns on the East and North side of the pond.

Point 4: Ulgoth Bridge. You'll have dropped all aggro by the time you get to Ulgoth if you avoided the sparse lake roamers. I just run straight across the bridge then jump off the right side on the West end to avoid the West guards. The orc skeletons are mostly melee, so ignore whatever aggroes and head West, staying a bit South of the road.

Point 5: Tower of Vul. Run right at it, then cross the river as soon as you get the update. Again, the orcs are melee, so let 'em aggro. They can't kill you unless you run directly over them and they get a lucky stun.

Point 6: Altar of the Four Cannons. After crossing the river hug the wall and follow it East, then North. Nothing will aggro you on the way to the Altar if you stick to the zone edge. The altar is surrounded by manticores. Run close to the back of it for an aggro-free update and continue around the zone edge to the Falls.

Point 7: Murdunk's Falls. You'll get the update when you run within 30 feet of the waterfall itself. You can evac at this point and run back to Chon from the dock or just hoof it. Either way you'll have plenty of time. The finish line is Chon's tent. You'll probably have a nice train when you get there if you didn't evac, so run it off after the timer stops, then head back and talk to him. He'll express his amazement at your l33t skills and cough up 20% regular XP (at L.39), 50,000 tribute points and - most importantly - his prized pair of boots.

Final Reward: Legendary Journeyman's Boots


Credit goes to the gang at eq2.ogaming.com for their collected data, the cartographers at www.gry-online/pl and eq2.gamergod.com for their fine maps, Dantrag of Unrest for showing me the #$%% Deadview Pass in TS, and Respox on the EQ2 official boards for the N'Marr suicide trick.

Reposted from: http://www.friendsnfun.net/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=454&PN=1, accessed 01-02-2005 4:30 PM

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