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The Node Knows


Before we get too deeply into how and where to harvest, let's set up a few basic terms. A "node" means a harvestable clump of resources. When a "Tier" is mentioned, it's referring to the level range of the resources and/or region. (Tier 1 is Level 3-9, Tier 2 is Level 10-19, Tier 3 is Level 20-29, Tier 4 is Level 30-39, Tier 5 is Level 40-49, Tier 6 is Level 50-59, Tier 7 is Level 60-69, and Tier 8 is Level 70-79.)

Names on the nodes will vary from zone to zone, so generic references are used here, to create a common frame of reference. Rare forages are included in bold italics. Ore-type nodes carry the metals for smithing and use the mining skill. Stone-type nodes carry the metals and gems used for jewelcraft and also use the mining skill. Roots refer to the roots, tubers and other fibers that are used mainly for tailoring and alchemy and use the gathering skill. Likewise the shrubs and gardens for baking and the fungi and herb gardens for alchemy use gathering. Wood nodes, unsurprisingly, carry the woods and use the foresting skill. Various fish are used in cooking, and use the fishing skill. Dens hold the critter harvests (pelts and meats) and use the trapping skill.

Tier 1

There are no special requirements for Tier 1 zones. Tier 1 zones include: Queen's Colony, Outpost of the Overlord, Forest Ruins, Oakmyst Forest, the Caves, the Peat Bog, the Ruins, the Sunken City, the Sprawl, the Graveyard, Greater Faydark, Darklight Woods, and Timorous Deep. (Note that The Sprawl and The Graveyard have no spot in which to fish. The Ruins and the Sunken City have small areas to fish off the docks.)

  • ore - tin cluster, leaded loam, bronze cluster, solidified loam
  • stone - lead cluster, rough malachite, rough lapis, copper cluster
  • roots - roots, yarrow
  • shrub - raw white tea leaf, jumjum, baubbleshire cabbage, black coffee bean
  • wood - severed elm, severed alder
  • fish - frog leg, sunfish
  • den - rawhide leather pelt, deer meat, turtle meat, waxed leather pelt

Tier 2

The Tier 2 zones are: Antonica, Commonlands, Vale of Shattering, Greater Faydark (Eastern portion near Crushbone and the spires), Darklight Woods, and Timorous Deep. It requires a minimum of 20 skill in order to harvest in these zones. An added note is that Tier 2 havesting can be done in the Vale of Shattering instance, for those who have access to it.

The Tier 2 imbue rare harvestable is Glowing Material.

  • ore -iron cluster, salty loam, blackened iron cluster, alkaline loam
  • stone - electrum cluster, rough turquoise, silver cluster, rough coral
  • roots - raw tubers, sisal root
  • shrub - raw carrot, raw black tea leaf, murdunk orange, Antonican coffee bean
  • wood - severed maple, severed bone
  • fish - golden cichlid, crab meat, freewater grouper
  • den - tanned leather pelt, vulrich meat, elephant meat, cured leather pelt

Tier 3

In order to harvest Tier 3 nodes, you must have harvesting skills of 90 or above. Tier 3 zones are: Thundering Steppes, Nektulos Forest, and Butcherblock Mountains. You can also harvest Tier 3 nodes in the Zarvonn's Tower instance.

The Tier 2 imbue rare harvestable is Sparkling Material.

  • ore - carbonite cluster, pliant loam, steel cluster, malleable loam
  • stone - gold cluster, rough agate, rough jasper, palladium cluster
  • roots - belladonna root, dandelion fiber
  • shrub - steppes mountain bean, sweet onion, fayberry, oolong tea leaf
  • wood - severed ash, severed fir
  • fish - seafury mackerel, thicket crayfish
  • den - boiled leather pelt, lion meat, pig meat, cuirboilli leather pelt

Tier 4

Tier 4 zones have harvesting requirements of 120 or higher skill. Tier 4 zones are: Enchanted Lands, Zek, and Steamfont. There are also (at least) 2 instanced zones that contain Tier 4 harvestables, both of which require access quests: Cove of Decay and Bloodskull Valley.

The Tier 4 imbue rare harvestable is Glimmering Material.

  • ore - feyiron cluster, supple loam, feysteel cluster, ductile loam
  • stone - velium cluster, rough opaline, rough opal, ruthenium cluster
  • roots - tussah roots, oak root
  • shrub - cucumber, green tea leaf, everfrost ice bean, wild apple
  • wood - severed briarwood, severed oak
  • fish - murkwater carp, shark fin
  • den - bear meat, griffon meat, etched leather pelt, engraved leather pelt

Tier 5

Tier 5 zones require 190 or better harvesting skills. Tier 5 zones are: Rivervale, Feerrott, Everfrost, Lavastorm, and Steamfont (wetlands and area near it).

The Tier 5 imbue rare harvestable is Luminous Material.

  • ore - fulginate cluster, bonded loam, ebon cluster, fused loam, strange black ore (quest harvest for wyrmsteel crafted items)
  • stone - rough bloodstone, diamondine cluster, rough ruby, rhodium cluster
  • roots - ashen roots, figwarts root
  • shrub - browncap mushroom, white peach, lavastorm robusta bean, pu-erh tea leaf
  • wood - severed teak, severed cedar
  • fish - nerius trout, cauldron blowfish
  • den - strengthened leather pelt, owlbear meat, wyrm meat, augmented leather pelt (pelts: dire wolf, manticore, white wolf)

Tier 6

Tier 6 zones require 240 or better harvesting skills. Tier 6 zones include: Sinking Sands, Pillars of Flame, and Lesser Faydark.

The Tier 6 imbue rare harvestable is Lambent Material.

  • ore - indium cluster, soluble loam, cobalt cluster, alkalai loam
  • stone - beryllium cluster, rough nacre, vanadium cluster, rough pearl
  • roots - succulent roots, saguaro roots
  • shrub - prickly pear, darjeeling tea leaf, artichoke, maj'dul coffee bean
  • wood - severed sandalwood, severed ironwood
  • fish - tiger shrimp, conger eel
  • den - stonehide leather pelt, caiman meat, sabertooth meat, scaled leather pelt

Tier 7

Tier 7 zones require 240 or better harvesting skills. Tier 7 zones are: Loping Plains, Tenebrous Tangle, the Barrens, and the Bonemire (node types will vary based on the island that you are on, and not all locations contain all types of nodes).

The Tier 7 imbue rare harvestable is Scintillating Material.

  • ore - adamantine cluster, porous loam, xegonite, spongy loam, blue-silver sheet (HQ)
  • stone - rough topaz, azurite cluster, acrylia cluster, rough moonstone, perfectly cut purple geode (HQ)
  • roots - hanging root, nimbus root
  • shrub - sweet chai tea leaf, soaring coffee bean, xegonberry, squash,
  • wood - rough lumbered rosewood, rough lumbered ebony, a perfect osseous lumber (HQ)
  • fish - flying fish
  • den - horned leather pelt, ravasect meat, aviak meat, dragonhide leather pelt, a strip of supple leather (HQ)

Tier 8

Tier 8 zones require 340 or better harvesting skills. Tier 8 zones are: Kylong Plains, Fens of Nathsar, Kunzar Jungle, and Jarsath Wastes. Meat in Tier 8 is used differently than previous tiers. Meats are only found as a drop off appropriate creatures, but they are also only used in special faction-purchased recipes. Den nodes in T8 only provide pelts. The meats for T8 are: brute flesh, devourer meat, hornet meat, drachnid meat and mountain giant meat.

The Tier 8 imbue rare harvestable is Smoldering Material.

  • ore - ferrite cluster, mineral salt loam, incarnadine cluster, silicate loam
  • stone - rough kunzite, deklium cluster, tynnonium cluster, rough fire emerald
  • roots - lichenclover root, mantrap root
  • shrub - torsis tea leaf, cabilis cocoa bean, cranberry, succulent petal, mantrap
  • wood - redwood lumber, mahogany lumber
  • fish - baracuda, king prawn, magma rock fish (Requires that you have the collapsible fishing pole equipped, and be swimming in the lava in Jarsath Wastes in order to attempt to catch it.)
  • den - bristled pelt, hidebound pelt

Tier 9

Tier 9 zones require 375 or better harvesting skills. Tier 9 zones are: Sundered Frontier and Stonebrunt Highlands. Meat in tier 9 is mob dropped. It makes both handcrafted recipes (health and power food and drink) as well as faction based infusions and reductions. The meats for T9 are: giant octopus meat, and seahorse roe.

The Tier 9 imbue rare harvestable is Ethereal Material.

  • ore - titanium ore, brellium ore
  • stone - amber, quicksilver cluster, kaborite cluster, ulteran diamond
  • roots - bamboo shoot, toxnettle root
  • shrub - lapsang tea leaf, caynar nut, marr cherry, kejekan palmfruit, toxnettle root
  • wood - sumac lumber, eucalyptus lumber
  • fish - giant octopus meat, seahorse roe
  • den - mottled pelt, spotted pelt
Adapted from: Niami Denmother, "The Node Knows - Which What is Where," http://eq2.eqtraders.com/articles/article_page.php?article=g23&menustr=040000000000, accessed 2008-01-29

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