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Crown of Deceit

Plane of Knowledge
Sage Ballic

You say, 'Hail, Sage Ballic'

Sage Ballic says, 'Greetings friend. Welcome to my place of private contemplation. I relax here and leaf through my old studies, admiring at creations from the past made by races we thought would never amount to anything. My favorite tomes to look at are those that deal with Frogloks.

You say, 'What frogloks?'

Sage Ballic says 'A surprising race to study is the Frogloks of Antonica. While we may think their magic was weak, it was at one time so powerful the Gods reached down and smote them for their creations. Balls of energy that made life into magic! Their High Enchanter even made a mask that transformed the wearer into a Teir'Dal! Quite an interesting race worthy of some study if you ask me, someday I shall like to go and see these frogloks, especially to learn more knowledge of the magical mask.

You say, 'What magical mask?'

Sage Ballic blinks and looks at you. 'I have told you all that I know, for more knowledge you will need to seek it's creator. The enchanter is more than likely very old, the mask having been made at the height of the power of the Froglok Race. Here take this picture book to aid you in your quest.' Sage Ballic hands you a book.

Upper Guk
an old froglok

Interaction with an old froglok requires at least Warmly faction with Frogloks of Guk (obtained by killing gargoyles and undead Frogloks in Lower Guk).

Evil races (Bertox, Cazic, Innoruuk and Rallos Zek) can obtain the Scalp of the Ghoul Lord, which drops off of the ghoul lord in Lower Guk. This item has a positive faction modifier with Frogloks of Guk.

Some characters will need the assistance of the Level 52 Enchanter spell, Tricksters Augmentation to increase faction sufficiently.

You say, 'Hail, an old froglok'

an old froglok says 'Frroooaaaaaakkkk!'

(give an old froglok the book from Sage Ballic:)

an old froglok backflips and says, 'Frroooaaaaaakkkk! I'm in this book! You see me! Owww that flip hurt my old bones! Frroooaaaaaakkkk! Look there is a picture of my maaask from long ago! Frroooaaaaaakkkk! I keep book! You taaake this recipe! Maaaybe more! I'm in book! Frroooaaaaaakkkk!'

Four items are required to construct the crown: reet froglok crown, elf essence, vial of purified mana, and a velium mastodon fur cloak.

(give an old froglok all four required items:)

an old froglok says 'Frroooaaaaaakkkk!!! This cloaaak so waaarm! Here let me work! Frroooaaaaaakkkk!' The old froglok goes to work on the crown and after uttering a few froaks, a small cloud of smoke rises from the crown. You reach over and pick it up. 'Frroooaaaaaakkkk! Maaagic haaat! Taaake good care of it aaand staay away from baaad frogs! Frroooaaaaaakkkk!'

Crown of Deceit
Slot: HEAD
AC: 12, CHA +15, SV MAGIC +10
Effect: Illusion: Fier`dal (Casting Time: 6.0)
WT: 0.4, Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

Required Items

reet froglok crown

This NO DROP item is uncommonly found on Froglok Reets in the Ruins of Old Sebilis (Juggernaut/Trakanon's Lair area).

elf essence

Elf essence is a NO DROP item crafted by a no-fail combine in a mortar and pestle: 1 wood elf parts, 1 dark elf parts, recipe, and 1 celestial essence.

  • wood elf parts
    These are commonly dropped by:
    • Wood Elf bandits in Greater and Lesser Faydarks
    • Wood Elf slaves in Crushbone
    • Rangers at station in Lesser Faydark
    • Wood Elves on Sister Island in Ocean of Tears
    • Lockjaw the crocodile in Oasis
  • dark elf parts
    These are commonly dropped by:
    • Dark elf casters in Najena
    • Kizdean Gix in West Commons
    • Dragoon Zytl in West Commons
    • Coerced dark elves in Dalnir
    • Dark elf pirates in Ocean of Tears
    • Tempus in Upper Guk
    • Giz Dintree in East Freeport
    • Lockjaw the crocodile in Oasis
    • Ambassador Dvinn in Crushbone
    • Dark elves in Befallen
  • recipe
    This is given to you by an old froglock in Upper Guk when you hand in Sage Ballic's book to him.
  • celestial essence
    Celestial essence is crafted by a no-fail combine in a mortar and pestle: 1 Celestial Solvent + 1 Page/Tome/Word/Rune/Reseach item.
    • mortar and pestle, (Ciren Darkbog, PoK, (-131, 1421))
    • celestial solvent, (Darius Gandril, PoK, (52, 1530))
    • research item

vial of purified mana

Two vials of purified mana are required. One for the construction of the velium mastadon fur cloak, and one to turn in to an old froglok. Each vial of purified mana requires:

  • poison vial, (Ciren Darkbog, PoK, (-131, 1421))
  • ruby x 4, (Kirem Deepfacet, PoK, (419, 768))
  • an Enchanter to cast the Level 49 Purify Mana spell

velium mastodon fur cloak

The velium mastadon cloak is a 255+ trivial combine, and is reported as a skill-limited combine. GM tailors report success rates between 50% and 60%. Minimum construction price for the cloak is somewhere on the order of 800pp, due to the high costs involved in the platinum thread and rubies.

  • velium mastodon fur x 4 (drop off mastodons in Western Wastes, ice burrowers are reported as PHs for animals, and vice versa)
  • cloak pattern, (Tratlan Matrick, PoK, (124, 1461))
  • platinum thread, (Kyla Frostbeard, Cobi Frostbeard, Thurgadin (Frostbeards Furs and Leathers))
  • vial of purified mana

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