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Betrayal FAQ

The Betrayal Quest

Characters originating in any city may opt to ally themselves with another city by completing the Betrayer Quest at any time after Level 10 [as of Live Update #24: June 14, 2006]. Members that betray their cities will be considered full members of their new homes once they complete the betrayal quest. The quest can be performed multiple times, but there are consequences for changing alliances.

During the quest you will slowly work your faction up with the city you are betraying to (or back to the one you originally betrayed) in order to be accepted within the city walls. Until such a time as you are accepted as a citizen of your new city, you will be an Exile and must only operate out of a new underground location known as Haven.

Haven does not provide the plush lifestyle of Qeynos or Freeport - you'll miss out on some of aspects of the city life such as writs, full use of brokers, player housing (apart from Maj'Dul), or city-based rewards.

Qeynos betrayers should begin their journey with Spockfuddle near the fence in Qeynos Harbor.

Freeport betrayers should begin their journey with Izzay Meestere in West Freeport.

Class Changes

With the exceptions of the following classes, then when you betray to that city it can stay the same. Otherwise it will be changed to the "counterpart" of the opposite alignment.

Good Evil
Paladin Shadowknight
Monk Bruiser
Ranger Assassin
Swashbuckler Brigand
Illusionist Coercer
Conjurer Necromancer
Mystic Defiler
Templar Inquisitor


Spells will be reset to level Appentice I once the Betrayal option is taken. If the betrayal also requires a class change, spells will also be exchanged for the corresponding spell of the new class.

Class-Specific Items

If you change classes during betrayal and have a class-specific item (Relic armor, Hooluk Hat, etc.) then it will be moved to your inventory when the class changes.

NOTE: You will not be offered the opportunity to re-do one-time quests (such as the Hooluk Hat).

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