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Transmuting FAQ


Transmuting is the art of breaking down valuable items into componets. Those components are then used by any crafting class to create adornments. Transmuting is a secondary tradeskill that you can choose after reaching Level 10 in your primary tradeskill.

Your transmuting level is your raw skill divided by five (drop any fraction). Then add 5 to find the maximum level of items you can transmute. Example: You start with a skill of 1, which allows for the transmuting of items of level 5. A transmuting skill of 20 would translate to Level 4, (20 / 5 = 4). This would allow you to transmute Level 9 (4 + 5) or lower items.

Raw Components

The levels show the level items has to be to be transmuted. The infusion/illusion components are the possible results of transmuting "higher" items such as Adept IIIs, Fabled, Masters and Legendary. They are not as common as fragments and powders. Mana vials are supposedly even rarer then the infusion/illusion components.

Transmuting skill advancement points from breaking down items are only available up to skill level 100. Subsequent skill raises can only be obtained from crafting items.

Tier 1: Level 1-9

  • Refined Mana
  • Lapis Lazuli Fragment
  • Ulteran Powder
  • Infusion of Earth

Tier 2: Level 10-19

  • Processed Mana
  • Coral Fragment
  • Aether Powder
  • Infusion of Air

Tier 3: Level 20-29

  • Clarified Mana
  • Jasper Fragment
  • Phantom Powder
  • Infusion of Fire

Tier 4 Level 30-39

  • Purified Mana
  • Opal Fragment
  • Ethereal Powder
  • Infusion of Water

Tier 5: Level 40-49

  • Natural Mana
  • Ruby Fragment
  • Spectral Powder
  • Infusion of Nightmare

Tier 6 Level 50-59

  • Coalesced Mana
  • Pearl Fragment
  • Vision Powder
  • Infusion of Daydream

Tier 7 Level 60-70

  • Hardened Mana
  • Lunar Fragment
  • Illusionary Powder
  • Infusion of Illusion

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