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Content > > Consolidated Creature Mastery List

Consolidated Creature Mastery List

Know Your Bixies
Location: Rivervale. It can be found inside of "The Drafling Tower" which is an instanced zone. Once in you will find a room with several non-agro mobs which include "Bixie Scocialite" and "Seamist Guest". After entering this room on the right near the ceiling (there are 3 tiers to the room) are 3 bookshelves. The right bookshelf holds your mastery. Very easy to miss this as the bookshelves are hard to see from bottom of room.
Reward: The Honey Sting (looks like a leafblade)
Quote: "Wicked, wicked bug, taste my sting instead! Is it sweet enough?" -Dori Wiggletoe
Level Requirement: 35+

A History of the Centaur
Location: Thundering Steppes. In the western village (called Thundermist), in the lower bunk of a bunk-bed next to a female Halfling named Minty Frontbeard.
Reward: Obrel's Gambit (a cutlass).
Quote: "Fencing is for the fleet of foot. Watch your clumsy hooves, rude beast." - Swordmaster Obrel Hrost
Level Requirement: 17+

Unknown Title
Location: Unknown as of March 2005.
Reward: Unknown
Quote: Unknown
Level Requirement: Unknown

Efreeti (?)
Unknown Title
Location: Unknown as of Mar 2005, however, lore pieces have been found in Solusek Eye.
Reward: Unknown
Quote: Unknown
Level Requirement: Unknown

Summoning an Elemental
Location: North Freeport, Academy of Arcane Science, next to the NPC name Scribe Claudia Quarto. Also in the South Qeynos Mage Tower in though the red teleporter, in the library section on the top stack of books just behind Librarian Dalmas, the NPC standing alone.
Reward: Vhoren's Seed (a short wand with a big orb at the end).
Quote: "All things are but parts arranged. And thus, all things can be changed." - Vhoren, Servant of the Three
Level Requirement: 25+

Evil Eyes
Evil Eye Musings
Location: Runnyeye. Located in the clay remnant roomwith the mud pool. The /loc is -22.69, 1.45, -57.43. The book is in a broken cart on the southern wall of the room.
Reward: Mezmith's Chance, a wand with a green crystal tip.
Quote: "Nothing is what it seems. Nothing." - Mezmith Mindsmith
Level Requirement: 30+

The Precious Fairy Book
Location: Nektropos Castle. On a table inside the secret room of the library, for which you or a party member must be keyed to access. The secret room is accessed thru the clickable bookcase next to the Librarian. Please note that you must be working on the Everling Locket quest and have completed it beyond the point of defeating the 6 sisters in order to gain access to the connecting tunnels between the sisters' bedrooms.
Reward: The Darkmoon Crescent which is a 1 handed axe.
Quote: "Fall, little one, into the darkness. May the ember of your life fade away." -Azroz the Voidcaller
Level Requirement: 25+

The Haunting
Location: Nektropos Castle. On the first floor (dungeon level), in a room where the Manservants spawn on the bookshelf in the red armoire. The room is directly above the right side of the main hallway. Exit the main hall to the right (east). Follow the hall until you face north and choose the second hallway on the left, then the second door on your right (one door in unopenable, so do not count that one).
Reward: A wand or scepter-like object called Shattersong.
Quote: "Cry out, lost ones! Weep and mourn! Let my weapon's song carry you to the next life." - Myrsa Starstep, Dirge of Freeport
Level Requirement: 25+

Know Your Giants
Location: Thundering Steppes. Under a bedroll in the Sabertooth Hideout area of the camp is actually called a 'Gnoll Den' located right next to the secret zone behind the waterfall from Antonica. It is in the northwestern part of what is commonly referred to as the "griffon field," right behind the two scout towers, near a firepit and a named mob, named Resheza, that is orange to 17 and sees through invis. The bedroll can be selected and inspected without getting close enough to agro the camp if you are careful. Be sure to get the correct bedroll as there are two that are inspectable in the camp. The one you want is furthest from the Antonica entrance.
Reward: A spear called Lady Fiana's Gentle Suggestion.
Quote: "You choose not to kneel and so you shall fall!" - Lady Fiana Stonebridge, Knight of Qeynos
Level Requirement: 17+

Live Among the Goblins
Location: Enchanted Lands. In the towers near the zone wall. Specifically, in the second tower from the water at the first wall as you go left from dock looking at the water, in a drawer of the left-most chest of drawers (in a group of three).
Reward: A dagger named The Tickler.
Quote: "Laugh a little for me, goblin. Giggle as I tickle your spine." - Yora Whisperfoot
Level Requirement: 25+

Known Your Golems
Location: Varsoon. From the entrance you need to travel round the pit, jump across into a tunnel, travel through the round room with the goos, through a room with some Servants of Varsoon, into corridors with some Golems, through a room past the undead tailors in the deep area of Ruins of Varsoon. A blue book on the short, tilted book shelf in the back of the room.
Reward: A sword called Earthblade.
Quote: "To be alive is to be born, not made." - Aayrn Stormborn
Level Requirement: 25+

Know Your Gnolls
Location: Antonica. In a box on the first floor (ground floor) of Gnollslayer Keep, Antonica, to the left of the main entryway as you enter the keep.
Reward: Hogran's Halberd.
Quote: "Yip, yip, thunk." - Brundle Hogran, Guardian of Qeynos
Level Requirement: 13-15+ to target the box, though reports exist of levels as low as 8

Tales of the Alliz Ew
Location: Cazic-Thule. In the Temple of Cazic-Thule, at the bottom of the temple to the right of the entrance, on a table (not very deep in).
Reward: Sunder, The Hand of Zek (unconfirmed type, possibly a hammer).
Quote: "Sometimes they go splat. Sometimes they go crunch. They always go bye." -Goag the Mighty
Level Requirement: 40+

The Nightblood
Location: Rivervale, east of the docs in the Enchanted lands. Cross the rope bridge that heads up to the mountain (a halfling guard stands at the base of it). Look for the building called "The Loom" (-180, x, -25). The books sits on a shelf on the wall.
Reward: A large one-handed sword called "The Bloodlathe".
Quote: "The void calls you, beast. Heed your mother's call." - Euen Argot
Level Requirement: 25+

Orc Society
Location: Commonlands. Behind a shield in the tower at the crossroads.
Reward: An unstrung standard bow named Fellfeather.
Quote: "Like leaves tumbling from a seasoned bough, so too shawll my foes fall." - Iria Twintwig
Level Requirement: 10+

Shadowed Men
On the Origins of Shadowed Men
Location: For evil-aligned characters, in North Freeport Academy of Science top floor. For good-aligned characters, take the red teleporter light and follow the stairs until you see a small table with a stack of books and a scroll on it.
Reward: The Pendulum, a large, pale staff (possibly with the same graphic as the heirophant's crook).
Quote: "The world craves balance, but the rhythm of chaos reigns. We must dance with it if we hope to survive." - Oonoa Aohldan, Daughter of Odus
Level Requirement: 30+

The Siren's Song
Location: Enchanted Lands, first hut from docks, within a desk next to a balding halfing in bad armor.
Reward: A fishing poll called Gokra Gesh's Snare.
Quote: "After all, they're just big fish." - Gokra Gesh
Level Requirement: 25+

Location: Stormhold. In the library. Coming from the entrance to the library, it's directly behind the bookcase facing you, green book on the floor to the right of the only fallen over bookcase on that side (-117, -31, -150).
Reward: Sir Altan's Strike' (a sledge hammer).
Quote: "It's actually very simple. Stay dead." - Sir Altan the Wandering Knight
Level Requirement: 18+

Unknown Title
Location: Nektulos Forest. In a crate in one of the tents on the beach in Nektulos Forest, near the docks. Specifically, if you're facing the docks, turn left and head up the beach and its the camp farthest at that end. As you arrive at the camp, its in a tent towards the back left (roughly pos 555, pos .17, neg 181).
Reward: An small hand axe called The Lumberjack.
Quote: "Don't worry, shivering tree! Your splintered body will make a fine table for my ale." - Gorlin Ironaxe
Level Requirement: 20+

Zatirre's First Zombie
Location: Market 2 in Fallen Gate. Go past the first marketplace and keep left all the way past the pond with Murkwurms, up the hill, till you reach the top room. Then go all the way around to the left until you reach a row of tattered bazaar stalls and some ghostly tier'dals. There is a large orange jar that highlights. As a special note, Fallen Gate requires special access. Both good- and evil-aligned characters can complete the quest, but in either case you must be flagged for Fallen Gate, have someone that is flagged for Fallen Gate get you in, kill Kizdean Gix to get the key (possibly a no-rent item), or (for evil-aligned) obtain access via a quest from Kanos X'Aphon near the entrance to Thieve's Way. If multiple people are doing the FG key quest from N Freeport, be *sure* that everyone hails Kanos, and selects 'Gathering my friends' as their conversation answer. The entrance to Fallen Gate is very near the West Freeport entrance to Thieves Way. Good-aligned characters can use this location to their advantage because of the lack of Freeport city guards (who will kick you out).
Reward: A club called D'Vorlian's Crudgel (obviously misspelled).
Quote: "The lash is mercy - an Inquisitor's mercy. Bow your head and revel in your luck!" - D'Vorlian of the Dismal Rage
Level Requirement: 18+

Kodia Tomekeeper, Monk, Blackburrow Server
Jaddari, formerly of Stromm, Mystic-in-Training, Blackburrow Server
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