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 August 11th, 2004 Patch Message

EverQuest Patch Messages 11 August, 2004


New PVP System goes live *
Raid Leaders can set up and change groups from the Raid Window *
Special Skies are back!
New Hot Zones
EQ will now be more friendly in Windowed mode

All New PVP System for PVP Servers *

The Watch List:
- Safe Zones: We’re still looking into a better solution for the problem of safe zones. Expect some kind of change in the future.
- Point System: There are still concerns of potential exploits with the point system at this time. Therefore the selection of PvP items available on the merchants will be limited to consumable items for now. We’ll monitor the accumulation of points after this update. If all goes well, we will add a selection of equipment to the merchants in the near future.
- Sullon Tokens: As a secondary concern with the point system, we are delaying the addition of the turn-in quest for Sullon Zek tokens. If there’s a potential problem with the point system that eventually requires us to make adjustments to the way points are awarded, we don’t want players to end up with less than full credit for these tokens. Once the point system has had any potential issues ironed out we will add a quest to turn in your tokens for PvP points.

PvP Changes
- Melee attacks have a 50% increased range. This does not affect thrown weapons or archery.
- All safe zones have been removed save Shadowrest and the Bazaar.
- The maximum damage any one spell can do is now capped at 40% of the target’s total hit points, down from 75%.
- Archery damage has been increased to 80% of its base damage in PvP, up from 66%.
- Being stunned while on a horse will now cause the horse to disappear. This only applies to stuns caused by other players.
- Lowered player melee mitigation, effectively lowering Armor Class by 20%. This will increase the damage potential of melee weapons in PvP. Originally the targets full armor class was considered.
- Player spells now have a separate duration field for PvP. Individual spells will continue to be tuned during beta.
- Player spells now have a PvP specific resist mod. Spell lines with resist mods differing from their normal adjusts initially include:
Movement Rate
Mana Drain
Direct Damage
Damage over Time
Pet procs/innates
- Added higher level snare spells for rangers/druids with increased resists mods. This should allow them to land snare spells with similar frequency to other snare spells. These spells are available on the PvP merchants for 1 point each.
- Necro and Mage pets have had their PvP resists increased to closer match the existing Beastlord pet resists.
- Lowered the duration of most snare, Enthrall, and Root spells and abilities.
- Berserker snare is no longer unresistable.
- Added a set of pumice stones to the PvP merchants that will cast various forms of dispel magic with a 1.5 second cast, 12 second cast time.
- Arena deaths will now place you at your bind point, and not in shadowrest.
- PvP Resurrection effects now last 5 minutes + 1 minute/negative vitality point. The Max duration is now 15 minutes instead of 25.
- Made further changes to prevent hill ghosting. Please test this and give feedback.
- Ranged weapons are no longer restricted by the Z axis, allowing greater freedom of use on varied terrain.
- Snare will now properly slow mounts. The mount will still be faster then normal running while snared, but will considerably decrease their movement rate.
- Spells now have a minimum chance of landing of 5%, up from 2%.
- Water will no longer cause you to be immune to people outside of water and vice versa.
- Zoning with low health will no longer set your hit points equal to the amount of +HP gear you are wearing.
- Players killed in PvP combat will now spawn in Shadowrest with full equipment. A naked corpse will remain in the location they died for 3 hours. Note that this effectively removes item loot from Rallos Zek. With the addition of no drop augments it became rather trivial to effectively remove item loot from the server anyway, and we felt the benefits of the new death system outweigh the benefits of an item loot system.
- Players who are killed in PvP combat will respawn with special resurrection effects on them. The duration of these effects is variable dependant on how frequently they die.
- Summon Corpse Potions are now usable by any class/race.
- A system to score PvP kills has been implemented. For more information see below.
Scoring System
The new scoring system will award points to any player who kills another player. If the player is grouped the points will be split between the players in the group. The points awarded will be based on three things:
1. Level of the killer
2. Scoring Modifier
a. Level Difference
b. Infamy Difference
c. Vitality score
3. Time since the victim was last killed by the same player.
1. Level of the killer
Each kill has a base point cost determined by the level of the killer. All subsequent modifiers apply to this base number.
2. Scoring modifier
The scoring modifier is based on three things. Each of these factors results in a score that is then applied in whole to the point value of the kill.
a. Level Difference
For each level the killer is above or below the victim, the scoring modifier increase by one point. If you kill some one who is higher level than you, you’ll gain more points then you will for a lower level character. You will also subtract points from your modifier for killing a player lower level than you.
Higher level characters are more powerful, and should be worth more points. A victim must be at least level 20 to awards points.
b. Infamy Difference
Each time you kill another player, points are added to your infamy pool. At certain thresholds a player will gain an infamy level. When a player is killed, the infamy levels are compared and the killer gains a scoring modifier point for each infamy level his victim is above him. He can also lose scoring modifier points for killing someone who is of lower infamy. Infamy will gradually deteriorate while the player is online.
Players who regularly PvP are generally of higher skill level then those that do not. This encourages players to kill other players who are of more equivalent skill.
c. Vitality
When a player is killed their vitality is set to –10. For each 5 minutes they are alive, they will gain back two points of vitality. This vitality total is added directly to the scoring modifier.
A player who dies very frequently is worth less points then one who stays alive longer.
d. Group bonus
Groups of 4 or more will receive a bonus % of points for each kill. 4/10%, 5/15%, 6/20%.
Frizznik kills Rytan. Frizznik is level 60, while Rytan is level 62 for a level difference of 2. Frizznik has an infamy level of 5, while Rytan has an infamy level of 2, which results in infamy difference of –3. Rytan has not recently been killed, so his vitality is 0. Level Difference + Infamy Difference + Vitality = Scoring Point Modifier or 2 + (-3) + 0.
Each scoring modifier point adds or subtracts 5% to the base score. Normally Frizznik would gain 100 points for killing Rytan, but because of the scoring point modifier he will gain 95 points instead.
3. Time since the killer has killed the same victim
Players that repeatedly kill the same player will see a steep decrease in the amount of points a player is worth. They will gain half the points for the kill they normally would for each time they kill that player in a 24 hour period. After the score has dropped below 1 point, they will begin to lose points for killing the same player.
Leader Board
The leader board tracks the players with the most total PvP. A number of other useful statistics will be available in the leader board.
Point Rewards
Players will be able to redeem their points for equipment via a Lost Dungeons of Norrath style adventure merchant interface. These rewards will span from level 20 on up to 65 and include some pieces that are of elemental quality and possibly beyond.
A player’s point total is capped based on their level. They cannot gain more points once they hit that cap, although they can gain more infamy. There will be a number of consumable PvP items that will be focused on PvP combat, and will only function against other players.

Windowed Mode *
The EverQuest process is now more friendly. Alt+tab'ing to other windows should be much more responsive.You can also choose to adjust your maximum Frames Per Second(FPS) in the Options Window under display settings. The valid range for the slider is 10 to 100. The default is 100 which means EverQuest will not throttle your FPS. Lowering your setting will cap your FPS at that value and free up the CPU for other tasks.

Raid Window Additions
- The raid window contains a new row of buttons which the raid leader can use to organize the raid members into groups.
- Lock/Unlock: The raid must be locked before the raid leader may use any of the new buttons.
- RemLeader: Removes the 'Group Leader' flag from the selected player from the 'Players Not in a Group' list. (Only 12 players may be Group Leaders, so this may be necessary to allow creation of a new group with a new leader).
- NoGroup: Removes the selected player from their current group and put them into the 'Players Not in a Group' list.
- 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12: Moves the selected player into the numbered group.

Hot Zones have changed! *

Hunt for greater XP rewards in the new Hot Spots. Make your way to the following zones.

60-65 Plane of Torment
55-60 Chardok
50-55 Grieg's End
45-50 Nurga
40-45 City of Mist
35-40 Kaesora
30-35 Dalnir
25-30 Hollowshade Moor
20-25 Runnyeye

Kill a few goblins for me. Oh, and that Grieg guy.

AA Changes
- The cleric AA Touch of the Divine has had its healing power increased. The original ability has been refunded, so players who wish to retain the ability will need to purchase it again. The portion of the AA that will remove detrimental effects, when it goes off, will not be going in with this update.
- The necromancer AA Swarm of Decay has been refunded.
- The shaman AA Call of the Ancients has had its description changed to reflect the fact that the summoned ward casts healing spells, not endurance regen spells. The ability has been refunded because of this confusion.
- The rogue ability Seized Opportunity has had its chance to work significantly increased.
- The druid ability Viscid Roots was increasing the chance for roots to break, not decreasing it. This has been corrected.
- The paladin ability Hastened Piety now affects the reuse time for both Hand of Piety and its upgrade, Pious Supplication. Previously, it wasn’t affecting Pious Supplication.
- When an AA is an upgrade of another AA and both are triggered abilities, players can make a hotkey and use either one, but will only get the upgraded effect if they use the hotkey for the upgraded ability.
- The Mass Group Buff AA will now reset if you duck to cancel the spell.
- The double attack AA now works with secondary hand attacks.

Consent Changes *

There are some new consent commands available for groups and raids.

- /consent group -- flags your current corpses so they can be dragged by all of your current group members
- /consent raid -- flags your current corpses so they can be dragged by anyone in your raid (including people who join the raid later)
- /consent guild -- flags your current corpses so they can be dragged by anyone in your guild
- /deny group -- removes the flag
- /deny raid -- removes the flag
- /deny guild -- removes the flag

Tacvi Changes
- Tacvi will no longer give lockout timers. Instead, when you beat an encounter there, you will gain a timer for that specific event. Then, when you come back to the zone, if that timer hasn’t expired yet that particular event won’t be up, but other events in the zone will be if it has been long enough since the last time they were defeated.
- Loot in Tacvi has been given a thorough audit. Many changes were made including changes to the statistics of the items, changing item names, changing where the items drop, and over a dozen new items were added to the zone.
- The Tacvi zone timer was increased from 6 hours to 12 hours.

- Diamond Dust will now drop more frequently in permafrost and can now also be found in SolusekB *
- Names will now scale with character they’re associated with. So a giant will have a much larger name than a Halfling will while retaining its much smaller brain.
- Names for larger characters will be visible from a greater distance than the names for smaller characters are. They will also scale up slightly as you increase your distance from a character, making them more readable from a greater distance.
- Tinting should now work properly again on Robes, let the Fluorescent Pink tinting begin!
- We have added Tooltips for your status bars.*
- We have made some changes to the fonts EQ uses so that they are more clear and visible.
- Pets will no longer attacks NPCs after their owner has COH'd
- The Fiery Defenders particles should no longer blink
- If your Minor Illusion fails, you will be able to use another illusion on yourself without zoning.
- Instant cast combat abilities can once again be used when you have a discipline up.
- Augments now fit into multiple slot types.
- Zoning pets will now save their taunt toggle settings.
- Spell damage done to yourself will no longer display to others.
- Pets will no longer poof when you are Call of Hero'd.
- Weapon Augments will now proc properly.

*denotes a community requested change
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Posted by Admin Wednesday, August 11, 2004 (18:02:34)

 XP SP2 Released

Microsoft Windows Service Pack 2 for Windows XP has been released to manufacturers (RTM), is available to MSDN customers, and will soon be available to all via Windows Update and Microsoft sites. At 272391 KB, the Windows XP Service Pack 2 Network Installation Package for IT Professionals and Developers download is big, and Microsoft will be offering the option of getting it on CDs.

The much awaited Service Pack comes with many security updates (new NX and DEP protection), extra features (firewall, security center), and improvements for Windows. New versions of IE and OE come with the release, as well as improvements in the wireless networking field. So far, the service pack seems to be very stable (no known major issues) and does seem to speed up most systems.
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Posted by Admin Monday, August 09, 2004 (14:35:42)

 Map FAQ Maps Updated!

Cartography The newest version of the loycart_maps.zip file has been uploaded to the Content section. Read Tessil's L33t M4P FAQ for the new maps!

Some changes include:

* Added Shadowrest NPC locations
* Added Gulf of Gunthak portal
* Added PoP flag progression NPC locations to PoK and PoT
* Added BST epic scout locations
* Updated Veeshan's Peak map
* Updated Charasis/Howling Stones map
* Added Jaggedpine map
* Added NPC locations to Skyfire Mountains
* Some minor map color cleanup to selected maps

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Posted by Admin Sunday, July 18, 2004 (01:04:27)

 July 16th, 2004 Patch Message

EverQuest Patch Messages July 16th, 2004

With the update on the 14th, we changed the AA system to allow for more flexibility and control as we move forward and add additional AAs. All of the over 300 AAs were affected by this change. Some of the AAs have since been behaving incorrectly and we feel that these AA problems are enough of a hindrance to gameplay that it is necessary to correct them tonight.

Here is the list of changes we have for you tonight;

- AA abilities that were previously usable when using a discipline, sitting, or under the effects of stun, divine aura, or silence should once again be usable in those situations.
- Resolved an issue with Warriors Shielding that caused it to cancel instantly
- A bug in the Iksar Necro skullcap quest that allowed players to obtain it illegitimately has been fixed.
- Several tradeskilled items have had their values modified to prevent a profitability exploit.
- The key to Veeshan's Peak is now No-Drop on Firiona Vie

We apologize to those of you, who had raids and other activities scheduled tonight and thank you for your patience.

Thanks all!

-- The EverQuest Team
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Posted by Admin Friday, July 16, 2004 (17:34:31)

 July 15th, 2004 Patch Message

EverQuest Patch Messages July 15th, 2004

- Issues for shaman and druids with the Healing Adept AA have been corrected.

- Finishing Blow will correctly be capped by level.

- Kick Mastery, Vicious Smash and Strengthened Strike no longer increase the damage on all melee attacks. They now only apply to their intended attacks.

- You will again have to hide to use your rogue Sneak Attack abilities.

- Item recast timers should display correctly.

- Planar Durability will now add the correct amount of hit points.

- You now will be able to see mana displayed numerically on the default UI. To see the mana value, you will need to view the mana bar on your inventory screen.

- A casting time has been added to the Demi Lich Skullcap.

- Some clickable items from the new Veeshan's Peak have been modified.

- Berserkers who had purchased the AA, Fury of Ages, are being refunded the purchase points in order to fix a data error. You will be able to re-purchase the AA for the same cost.

- Malcohm Thimbleton, in the Plane of Knowledge will now swap out the following Robe Graphic items for Tunic Graphic items:

- Guardian Robe
- Shade Silk Robe
- Shainai's Nightie
- Bile Stained Robes
- Cured Shade Silk Robe
- Robe of the Azure Sky

-- The EverQuest Team
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Posted by Admin Thursday, July 15, 2004 (17:21:17)

 July 14th, 2004 Patch Message

EverQuest Patch Messages 7/14/2004

Veeshan's Peak has been re-worked. Enjoy the new challenge.
A new Adventure Zone appears on Stormhammer.
You can now remove augments without losing them.

Veeshan's Peak!
With this revamp we have Updated the level and NPC list for the zone: Please note that this zone is now an elemental level zone! The entry quest to Veeshan’s Peak has been changed. The original key quest has not been modified. However, the new entry quest uses the old key and offers an alternate quest to do instead of the original key quest.

- Items in the zone are now of elemental planes quality.
- Faction now matters: Dragons in Veeshan’s Peak will now speak to players if you have the correct faction and can understand them.
- New quests and lore: The dragons in Veeshan’s Peak will now give players the option to acquire items through questing for them.
- The zone is now an exp zone as well: Hunting in the areas before the dragons yields experience and loot.

New Adventure Zone for Stormhammer
Stormhammer gains a new adventure zone. This is a 2 group adventure zone for characters of level 65.

Can you help the Eldritch Collective find and rescue Professor Bartleby Beckelbracker? Search the Desert of Ro for the whereabouts of Bartleby and his assistant Bomo and try to save them from the steel clutches of their enemies.

Augment Removal *
- You can now purchase special "distillers" that will remove augmentations without destroying them. These distillers are sold by a merchant in Butcherblock. The item inspect window for an augmentation will tell you which distiller is required to remove it.

- The existing solvents can still be used to destroy an augmentation if you don't want to keep it. You no longer need a different solvent for each augmentation slot. The interface will allow you to select which augmentation you wish to delete.

- For those with custom UI's, you will need to update your EQ_Container.xml file in order to use the new augment window.

Pets *
- Zoning pets are in. Persistent pet data includes: Items, Spell Effects, hit points, mana, name, height, and mana cost to summon them. All PC summoned pets should zone with you in all instances except for when you die. Pets will also follow the same rules as no rent items if you log with a pet.

- Pets can be shrunk again. Please wash them in only Cold water to prevent inadvertently reducing their size.

Tribute Changes *
- Some items have had their favor value lowered.

- Players will now "Pre-pay" for tribute benefits. When benefits are activated, the player will immediately be charged for those benefits from their Favor pool. After that, the player will be charged every 10 minutes for the next 10 minutes of benefit. If benefits are deactivated before the timer is depleted, no refund is given for the time remaining.

- Players now have the ability to activate/deactivate the tribute benefits they've selected (as a whole) whenever they like using a button on the Tribute Benefit Window. However, every time the player activates his benefits, he will be "Pre-pay" (see above). The ability to change selected benefits (downgrade) away from the Tribute Master has been removed.

- When visiting a Tribute Master, the player's benefits will deactivate. Players may re-organize their selected benefit load, but will not be able to "preview" the benefits (seeing the effect on their character when the benefit is selected). Benefit descriptions should give the player a good indication of what the benefit will do when activated.

- The EQ Label that shows the Tribute Benefit Timer will now show green when benefits are active and gray when they are not.

Item Changes
- Manastones will no longer work in Forgotten Halls. It was not intended for the item to be used there and some naughty folks were taking advantage of the zone.

- Malcohm Thimbleton, in the Plane of Knowledge will now swap out some Robe Graphic items for Tunic Graphics. *

- The Staff of Revealed Secrets now has a 2hb weapon model instead of the little stick it had before. Enjoy your bigger stick.

UI Changes
- It is now possible to display your mana as a numeric value on your inventory screen. *
- By mousing over your buff icons, you will now be able to see the buffs remaining duration. *

- Berserkers now have innate crits beginning at level 12.
- Tainted Axe of Hatred now comes in stacks of 20.

Additional Notes
- You now have the ability to sell back LDoN items and augments to the adventure merchants for a percentage of their original cost. *

- We have increased the number of NPC debuff slots from 30 to 50. Necromancers rejoice. *

- The Doppleganger AA's re-use timer has been reduced to 30 minutes. *

- Sprint and Planeswalk have had their movement rate increased. *

- Beware! Many named mobs in Gates will now summon.

- The Hide all traders option, for the Bazaar, will no longer need to be reset each time you enter the zone. *

- /stopspellcast will no longer give spells recast delays.

- Leadership: Group/Raid mark npc should now update for people that are added to the group or raid.

- Main assist will no longer clear if the main assist zones.

- Bards should once again play the stringed instrument animation when playing a stringed instrument song.

- Hynid fleshrippers, tide feasters, and shore stonemites in Natimbi no longer hit so hard.

-- The EverQuest Team

*Denotes a change requested by the community
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Posted by Admin Wednesday, July 14, 2004 (16:20:19)

 June 30th, 2004 Patch Message

EverQuest Patch Messages 6/30/2004


Download EQ Trilogy and play for 30 days free!

EverQuest: Platinum offers EQ and all 7 expansions in one box.

The Guide Program is looking for volunteers.

EQ Trilogy.
Have friends interested in EQ? Have them try the new EQ Trilogy download. You can now download EQ Trilogy and try out an EQ account for 30 days free. See www.everquest.com for more on this exciting offer.

EverQuest: Platinum
EverQuest: Platinum is the most comprehensive collection of EverQuest expansions yet! It includes Classic EverQuest and all seven expansion packs! Go to www.everquest.com for details on the complete EQ collection.

The Guide Program is looking for volunteers
A new era dawns for the EverQuest Guide Program! Magic and fun shall be spread throughout the world like you have never seen before. The EverQuest Guide Program has a new focus creating and participating in dynamic content such as quests, events, and other role-playing activities. Are you prepared to join us? Visit https://guide.everquest.com/guideapp/ for your application today!
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Posted by Admin Sunday, July 04, 2004 (14:18:20)

 June 16th, 2004 Patch Message

EverQuest Patch Messages June 16th, 2004


-Collision sees more improvements.
-A portal to Gunthak has been added to the Plane of Knowledge.
-/guidehelp is now available!
-Gates of Discord sees more changes.

Collision Updates
Many remaining collision issues have been fixed.
-Floating NPCs in the Plane of Disease should be more down to earth.
-NPC warping should be reduced.
-The Emerald Jungle should no longer have NPCs below the world
-You should once again collide with the dock in Natimbi.
-The entrance to Najena should be easier to navigate.

Gunthak Portal
-We have added a tome to the Plane of Knowledge to allow for faster travel to and from Gunthak. Enjoy. *

Gates of Discord
-Increased the drop rate of quest items, for the Breakdown in Communication quest, in the sewers and mountain passes and Ikkinz. *
-Increased the number of items that drop from the Qinimi and Barindu events for the Breakdown in Communication quest. *
-Increased the drop rate of Breakdown in Communication quest items off the Yxtta bosses as well as making it possible to get them off other NPCs in the zone.
-The Ikkinz Chamber of Might and Tipt boss mobs will now behave a little smarter when facing a strong defense. Beware!
-Some tuning changes have been made to the Ikkinz single group trials and Tipt.
-Changed the NPCs that guard Txevu so they are a longer re-spawn allowing you to get stragglers thru the zone much easier once you kill them.
-Pathing in Txevu should be better. *
-The bonus reward at the end of Inktu`ta will spawn in a chest instead of being handed directly to the player that triggers the dialogue.
-Gates NPCs that dropped spells will now drop a token, which can be turned in for a class appropriate spell. *

The Plane of Time
-We have made changes to the scripting for the Plane of Time, which will allow the server to shut down unused instances of the zone. This will remove the problem of waiting for an instance that another group has finished to shut down, before you can start your attempt. *

The Plane of Hate
You can now access the Plane of Hate by talking to Relm M'Loch in the Plane of Tranquility and handing her a Fuligan Soulstone. *

-The Tainted Axe of Hatred has had its damage increased.
-Many Gates items have had their weight reduced. *
-The Muramite Death Shroud is now equipable by beastlords and has a wind instrument modifier. *
-The Onyx Ring of Prayer now has a stringed instrument modifier. *
-The drop rate has been increased for the following items in the Plane of Hate *
The Shattered Emerald of Corruption
Decrepit Hide
Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth
Essence of Vampire
Eye of Innoruuk
-The Diamond Tipped War Javelin should now look more javelin like. *

-Berserker snare now has a set duration. *
-Berserkers should no longer get stuck during their epic quest.
-The following effects now lower hate instantly rather than over time: *
Diversive Strike
Distracting Strike
Confusing Strike

-The "/guidehelp" command is now available. The /guidehelp command is for quest/event feedback, wedding requ?sts and questions regarding quests/events. Please be aware that all Customer Service issues must go through /petition for resolution. There may only be 1 request in the guidehelp queue at a time for each player.

Raid Management
-Raid leaders now have the ability to add notes to the raid window. There is now a tabbed window in the Raid window, clicking on the Notes tab will show all the raid members in a single list, with notes next to their name. The Raid leader can click on a player, and change that player's note in the edit box below the list. The note will show on all raid members' raid windows. *

-Added an MOTD to Raid Window. On the Notes tab there is a window for an MOTD at the bottom. The Raid leader can edit this MOTD, and the new text will show on all Raid members' Raid windows. *
-The escape key will now close your Raid Window.
-Raid Leaders can now remove members from the raid, even across zones. *

-There have been several upgrades to Gates Tradeskilled items. *
-Gates smithed weapons have been adjusted. *
-Gates fletched arrows have had their damage increased and are now magical. *
-Tradeskill drinks from Gates of Discord have had their duration enhanced. *

We have added a /stopcast command -- This command will not work when riding a horse. *

Undead Pets
Pets no longer go away after their master has feigned death for more than 2 minutes. *

Lay on Hands and Harm Touch
Lay on Hands and Harm Touch will no longer affect corpses. *

Corpse Dragging
We have increased the range of the /corpse command *

Many damage shields have had their damage and duration increased. *
Increased the regeneration rate on the following spells:
-Regrowth of the Dar Khura
-Regrowth of the Grove
-Blessing of Replenishment

Modified the heal rate for the following spells: *
-Supernal Elixir
-Holy Elixir
-Breath of Trushar
-Supernal Cleansing

Lowered the mana cost on the following spells: *
-Black Steel
-Ancient: Chaos Vortex
-Sun Vortex

Increased the duration and mana cost on the following spells. *
-Falcon Eye
-Eagle Eye
-Hawk Eye

Bards should no longer use instrument animations when wielding items other than instruments. (No more stabbing yourselves in the head with your Epic!)

Character Creation
The character creation process now has Voice Over to guide you through new character creation.

Mouselook is much smoother and variable via a slider in the options window. If you use mouselook, make certain you adjust the new settings.

All characters should start with the tutorial bank items.

-The Focus effect should now filter haste messages. *
-The Damage Shield filter should now work correctly.

-- The EverQuest Team

* Denotes an item that was requested by the EverQuest community.
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Posted by Admin Wednesday, June 16, 2004 (17:47:36)

 June 2nd, 2004 Patch Message

EverQuest Patch Messages June 2nd, 2004

Collision fixes collide with servers!

- When you are summoned by NPCs or players smaller than you, the collision system will now scan a limited area near the destination to find a place to put you so that you will not be stuck in the terrain.

- A problem related to collision data being out of sync on the client and server has been corrected and should solve the problems many of you have been seeing with NPCs being pushed into walls.

- The sunken NPC and character problem has been much improved. You will still find the occasional NPC at a spawn point that is sunk or elevated slightly, but the NPC should move normally once engaged.

Cabilis Quests
- The Battle plans from Dalnir should be a little easier to obtain.
- The loyal follower in Dreadlands should no longer be a merchant with an empty inventory.
- The traitor necromancers seek should be a little easier to find.
- Wyzith's belongings should now combine correctly.

-- The EverQuest Team
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Posted by Admin Thursday, June 03, 2004 (01:06:30)

 Microsoft: SP2 Will Not Install on Pirated Copies of XP

Microsoft Windows Contrary to some reports, Microsoft confirms that Windows XP SP2 will not install on systems running known pirated copies of Windows XP.
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Posted by Admin Friday, May 14, 2004 (07:18:26)

   Toggle Content Guild Wall of Fame
Guild Name:
 Clenched Fist
Guild Level: 350
Total Characters: 77
Average Adv. Level: 70
Average Art. Level: 33

Date Formed:
 Wed, 12 Jan 2005 21:31:00
Average Quests Completed: 700
Total Rares Harvested: 16,844
Total Items Crafted: 704,160

Highest Guild Status Contributor:
 Tulvarus (170,109,079)
Most Quests Complete:
 Tulvarus (6,896)
Most Collections Complete:
 Toukai (1,474)
Highest Max Melee Hit:
 Tulvarus (36,226,238,170,157)
Highest Max Magic Hit:
 Tulvarus (11,073,655,145,763)
Most rares collected:
 Tulvarus (10,579)
Most items crafted:
 Tulvarus (557,817)
Longest Time Played:
 Tulvarus (2 years 8 months 1 week 6 days 14 hours)

Class Breakdown:
  • Fighter: 18
    • Berserker: 5
    • Guardian: 3
    • Bruiser: 2
    • Monk: 3
    • Paladin: 5
    • Shadow Knight: 0
  • Priest: 17
    • Templar: 2
    • Inquisitor: 3
    • Warden: 2
    • Fury: 2
    • Defiler: 1
    • Mystic: 4
    • Channeler: 3
  • Mage: 20
    • Warlock: 3
    • Wizard: 4
    • Illusionist: 3
    • Coercer: 3
    • Necromancer: 4
    • Conjuror: 3
  • Scout: 19
    • Brigand: 2
    • Swashbuckler: 2
    • Dirge: 2
    • Troubador: 4
    • Assassin: 2
    • Ranger: 3
    • Beastlord: 4

Trades Breakdown:
  • Craftsman: 10
    • Craftsman: 0
    • Provisioner: 4
    • Woodworker: 2
    • Carpenter: 4
  • Outfitter: 6
    • Outfitter: 1
    • Armorer: 2
    • Weaponsmith: 2
    • Tailor: 1
  • Scholar: 11
    • Scholar: 0
    • Jeweler: 6
    • Sage: 1
    • Alchemist: 4

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