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Clenched Fist: Gaming News

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 PSN Back up - Oh Wait, Fail Whale!

Gaming News The PlayStation Network is down again. Sony had originally enabled passwords to be reset onscreen simply by entering an email address and date of birth. Whoever has the data from Sony, could, in theory, then reset any of the captured users accounts simply by entering the details they stole.

Sony has confirmed that there was "a URL exploit that we have subsequently fixed." However, the company indicates there was "no hack involved." So, remember kiddies: exploits are not hacks - not until someone starts having fun with them, anyway. Very doubleplusungood, Sony.
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Posted by Tessil Wednesday, May 18, 2011 (21:10:28)

 Sony Could Face Developer Exodus On PSN

Gaming News Slashdot reports:

As the PlayStation Network outage continues, developers are feeling the economic pinch. There's been no word from Sony on whether they'll compensate companies who produce games for PSN, but Capcom has already said it's losing potentially 'millions' from the downtime. Worse yet, developers who rely on PSN revenues may jump ship if they aren't compensated, warns Dylan Cuthbert, creator of popular PSN game PixelJunk. 'I have a feeling they [Sony] are thinking about doing something or they will lose developers, which of course is pretty bad for them,' he said.
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Posted by Tessil Wednesday, May 11, 2011 (23:30:35)

 Anonymous Denies Sony Claims of Disruption, Credit Info Theft

Gaming News Yesterday, in a letter to Congress, Sony detailed the steps they were taking to resolve the issues that have been plaguing them since the PlayStation Network and SOE online components were hacked, claiming to have found evidence linking the crime to Anonymous. Now, Anonymous has responded.
Read More... (5.38 KB) | Printer Friendly PageScore: 0
Posted by Tessil Thursday, May 05, 2011 (18:57:17)

 Security Expert: Sony Knew Its Software Was Obsolete Months Before PSN Breach

Gaming News The Consumerist reports:

In congressional testimony this morning, Dr. Gene Spafford of Purdue University said that Sony was using outdated software on its servers — and knew about it months in advance of the recent security breaches that allowed hackers to get private information from over 100 million user accounts.

According to Spafford, security experts monitoring open Internet forums learned months ago that Sony was using outdated versions of the Apache Web server software, which "was unpatched and had no firewall installed." The issue was "reported in an open forum monitored by Sony employees" two to three months prior to the recent security breaches, said Spafford.
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Posted by Tessil Thursday, May 05, 2011 (18:52:23)

 Sony PSN Hack preceded by 200 Sony Layoffs

Gaming News Slashdot reports:

As noted by Sony scene website PSX-Scene, the recent Playstation Network security breaches were preceded by layoffs of over 200 staff in Sony's Sony Online Entertainment subdivision. While that's not to say for certain the hack was an inside job, the website notes...

"Like all layoffs that are hard to swallow, this case was a big one, one 1/3 of the staff that worked in the ONLINE division, in all over 200 employees were given their sad "pink slip" 2 week notice, which means they had to work right up until the very dates that Sony had to shutdown the PSN network!

Even though some of these employees were in working in remote offices, they could have easy had whitelisted server access to the San Diego HQ to do their daily work, it just seems very strange that suddenly both networks go down after a massive layoff of KEY ONLINE SONY EMPLOYEES when they have to work knowing it is their last days on the job being a lowly paid slave to an evil corporation."
Printer Friendly PageScore: 0
Posted by Tessil Monday, May 02, 2011 (20:41:52)

 Sony Sued For PlayStation Network Data Breach

Gaming News Slashdot reports:

Like clockwork, the first lawsuit resulting from the security breach of the personal data of more than 75 million Sony PlayStation Network customers has been filed. The suit was filed today on behalf of Kristopher Johns, 36, of Birmingham, Ala., in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

Johns accuses Sony of not taking 'reasonable care to protect, encrypt, and secure the private and sensitive data of its users.' He also believes Sony took too long to notify him and other customers that their personal information had been exposed. Because of that, the complaint alleges, Sony did not allow its customers 'to make an informed decision as to whether to change credit card numbers, close the exposed accounts, check their credit reports, or take other mitigating actions.'
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Posted by Tessil Wednesday, April 27, 2011 (22:02:53)

 Play Station Network Compromised

Gaming News Sony is warning its millions of PlayStation Network users to watch out for identity-theft scams after hackers breached its security and plundered the user names, passwords, addresses, birth dates, and other information used to register accounts.

Sony's admission came six days after the PlayStation Network was taken down following what the company described as an 'external intrusion'. The stolen information may also include payment-card data, purchase history, billing addresses, and security answers used to change passwords, Sony said on Tuesday. The company plans to keep the hacked system offline for the time being, and to restore services gradually.

The advisory also applies to users of Sony's related Qriocity network. Note that SoE is currently claiming that EverQuest accounts were not involved, as they are separate. However SoE has also claimed that the EQ2Players server outage during this time was also caused by the fallout from the intrusion, so it's not entirely clear.
Read More... (5.71 KB) | Printer Friendly PageScore: 0
Posted by Tessil Wednesday, April 27, 2011 (21:59:22)

 Sony’s War on Makers, Hackers, and Innovators

Gaming News Phillip Torrone has recently posted an article at Make titled "Sony's War on Makers, Hackers, and Innovators." The article traces Sony's history with regards to innovation and the hacking community. Phillip traces through six specific example's of Sony's growing hostility towards it's own consumers, which is ironic when contrasted against the company's earliest history. Sony's shift from a consumer electronics company to that of a content provider is certainly a theory worthy of consideration.

One specific example he mentions is the lawsuits that plagued the Sony Aibo modding scene. While eventually the community prevailed, it was far too late to save the Aibo as a product, and eventually community interest has all but dried up. A telling example of the disasterous effect the litigious nature of Sony has.

And then there of course is Sony's latest crusade against PS3 homebrew and the pending litigation against George "GeoHot" Hotz...

You should definitely take a moment to read the article if you have the time. Phillip brings up some very good points, giving you plenty to consider the next time you make an electronics purchase, large or small.
Printer Friendly PageScore: 0
Posted by Tessil Saturday, February 26, 2011 (00:38:50)

 Wii Gets Price Drop to $199

Gaming News After watching Microsoft and Sony drop the prices on the Xbox 360 and the PS3, Nintendo has decided to jump in with a price cut as well. Starting September 27th, the Wii will cost $199 in North America, a $50 drop from the previous price. Japan will be getting a slightly smaller price cut, but Europe seems to be left out of this change. Nintendo is hoping this reduction and the release of New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Wii Fit Plus in the coming months will boost slipping sales rates.
comments? | Printer Friendly PageScore: 0
Posted by Tessil Friday, September 25, 2009 (00:30:26)

 China Bans Gold Farming

Gaming News InformationWeek is reporting that the Chinese government has declared a ban on the sale of virtual goods for real currency. This move is poised to shut down a several billion yuan a year business that has been growing by leaps and bounds every year.

"The trading of virtual currency for real cash employs hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and generates between $200 million and $1 billion annually, according to a 2008 survey conducted by Richard Heeks at the University of Manchester. He estimates that between 80% and 85% of gold farmers are based in China. [...] Game companies typically forbid gold farming but committed virtual currency traders find ways around such rules. Some game companies have recognized the futility of trying to ban the practice and have built virtual commerce into their game infrastructure."
comments? | Printer Friendly PageScore: 0
Posted by Tessil Monday, June 29, 2009 (21:28:55)

   Toggle Content Guild Wall of Fame
Guild Name:
 Clenched Fist
Guild Level: 350
Total Characters: 77
Average Adv. Level: 70
Average Art. Level: 33

Date Formed:
 Wed, 12 Jan 2005 20:31:00
Average Quests Completed: 698
Total Rares Harvested: 16,761
Total Items Crafted: 702,630

Highest Guild Status Contributor:
 Tulvarus (165,173,109)
Most Quests Complete:
 Tulvarus (6,864)
Most Collections Complete:
 Toukai (1,442)
Highest Max Melee Hit:
 Tulvarus (10,037,243,347,081)
Highest Max Magic Hit:
 Tulvarus (11,073,655,145,763)
Most rares collected:
 Tulvarus (10,512)
Most items crafted:
 Tulvarus (557,386)
Longest Time Played:
 Tulvarus (2 years 7 months 3 weeks 3 days 14 hours)

Class Breakdown:
  • Fighter: 18
    • Berserker: 5
    • Guardian: 3
    • Bruiser: 2
    • Monk: 3
    • Paladin: 5
    • Shadow Knight: 0
  • Priest: 17
    • Templar: 2
    • Inquisitor: 3
    • Warden: 2
    • Fury: 2
    • Defiler: 1
    • Mystic: 4
    • Channeler: 3
  • Mage: 20
    • Warlock: 3
    • Wizard: 4
    • Illusionist: 3
    • Coercer: 3
    • Necromancer: 4
    • Conjuror: 3
  • Scout: 19
    • Brigand: 2
    • Swashbuckler: 2
    • Dirge: 2
    • Troubador: 4
    • Assassin: 2
    • Ranger: 3
    • Beastlord: 4

Trades Breakdown:
  • Craftsman: 10
    • Craftsman: 0
    • Provisioner: 4
    • Woodworker: 2
    • Carpenter: 4
  • Outfitter: 6
    • Outfitter: 1
    • Armorer: 2
    • Weaponsmith: 2
    • Tailor: 1
  • Scholar: 11
    • Scholar: 0
    • Jeweler: 6
    • Sage: 1
    • Alchemist: 4

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