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Clenched Fist
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Tuldare, Level 100 Bruiser
26 Collections Active, 0 Collections Completed, 26 Total (1358 Not Started)

[ Displaying 26 of 1384 Census Collections ]

Collectable: 3rd Lieutenant Gerrog - Logbook  - Page 4   3rd Lieutenant Gerrog - Logbook - Page 5   Collectable: 3rd Lieutenant Gerrog - Logbook - Page 6   Collectable: 3rd Lieutenant Gerrog - Logbook  - Page 10   Collectable: 3rd Lieutenant Gerrog - Logbook - Page 11   Collectable: 3rd Lieutenant Gerrog - Logbook - Page 12   1 of 6
Ancient Erudite Crests (Level 85, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: ancient crest of Al'tuur   ancient crest of  Jal'Dea   Collectable: ancient crest of  Tyrid   ancient crest of Nortlav   ancient crest of Dartain   3 of 5
Assorted Erudite Gardening Tools (Level 85, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: erudite garden rake   Collectable: crystaline water barrel   gilded wheel barrow   Collectable: intricately carved broom   Collectable: ebony handled shovel   Collectable: gilded watering bucket   1 of 6
Clockwork Gazer Parts (Level 90, Sentinel's Fate)

clockwork brain   Collectable: command transmitter   torque motivator   Collectable: kaborite fiber tubing   Collectable: continous rotation servo   Collectable: high voltage power cell   2 of 6
Common Erudin Clothing (Level 90, Sentinel's Fate)

ornately stitched dress shirt   Collectable: ornately stitched robe   finely crafted shoes   Collectable: finely crafted gloves   Collectable: lace trimmed hood   Collectable: lace trimmed cloak   2 of 6
Crab Bits and Pieces (Level 45, Everfrost)

Collectable: Cracked Crab Claw   Collectable: Mottled Crab Shell   Collectable: Broken Crab Leg   Squishie Crab Eye   1 of 4
Darkened Grimoires (Level 90, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: Darkened Grimoire of Al'Kabor   Darkened Grimoire of E'Arad   Collectable: Darkened Grimoire of Dartain   Darkened Grimoire of Uzun   Collectable: Darkened Grimoire of Pera'Celsis   Darkened Grimoire of Mash'al   3 of 6
Elemental Cores (Level 85, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: earth elemental core   Collectable: air elemental core   water elemental core   Collectable: fire elemental core   Collectable: wind elemental core   Collectable: lightning elemental core   1 of 6
Erudite Surgical Tools (Level 85, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: blood covered amputation knife   Collectable: rusty bone saw   Collectable: serrated skull saw   hand operated trephine   dirty forceps   oversized scalpel   3 of 6
Fearstalker Remains (Level 90, Sentinel's Fate)

decaying fearstalker talon   Collectable: decaying fearstalker paw   Collectable: decaying fearstalker carcass   Collectable: decaying fearstalker spine   Collectable: decaying fearstalker rib   Collectable: decaying fearstalker skull   1 of 6
Flora and Fauna of The Vasty Deep (Level 85, Sentinel's Fate)

leeching vine   Collectable: deadly nettle fern   Collectable: razor leafed orchid   Collectable: deadly hemotoxic beetle   Collectable: green tree snake   Collectable: doomflesh tree frog   1 of 6
Glyphed Relics (Level 90, Sentinel's Fate)

glyphed tome   Collectable: glyphed beaker   Collectable: glyphed platter   Collectable: glyphed urn   Collectable: glyphed goblet   Collectable: glyphed stein   1 of 6
Lava Creature Parts (Level 55, Lavastorm)

Collectable: Fiery Goo Residue   Collectable: Lava Crawler Carapace   Collectable: A Fire Toad Tongue   Collectable: Shards of a Colossus   Collectable: Magma Worm Skin   Collectable: Volcanu Wing   Collectable: A Fire Imp Eye   Collectable: A Lava Creep Leg   Flare Reaper Remnant   Collectable: Lava Crawler Antenna   1 of 10
Library of Erudin Murder Weapons (Level 90, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: Torqued Spanner   Collectable: Overloaded Wand   Cracked Staff   Collectable: Bloodied Chain of Office   Collectable: Bloody Dagger   Collectable: Tarnished Candlestick   1 of 6
Lost Symbols of Marr (Level 80, Shadow Odyssey)

Collectable: Symbol of Hope   Collectable: Symbol of Honor   Collectable: Symbol of Morality   Collectable: Symbol of Virtue   Collectable: Symbol of Life   Collectable: Symbol of Protection   Collectable: Symbol of Justice   Symbol of Praise   1 of 8
Quel'ule Research Manuals (Level 90, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: partially blank Quel'ule research manual   Collectable: partially illegible Quel'ule research manual   partially incomprehensible Quel'ule research manual   Collectable: partially undecipherable Quel'ule research manual   1 of 4
Relics of the Fortress (Level 85, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: Lantern of the Everburning   Collectable: Pen of the Scholar   Collectable: Sword of the Elemental Horde   Collectable: Gauntlets of Turmoil   Collectable: Fiery Staff of Duality   Robes of Prophecy   1 of 6
Relics of the Onaya (Level 85, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: Onayan ceremonial urn   Collectable: Onayan dragon effigy   Collectable: Onayan ocean totem   Collectable: Onayan sash button   Onayan staff of the waves   Collectable: Onayan coral necklace   1 of 6
Roekillik Weapons (Level 85, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: rusty Roekillik dagger   Collectable: filthy Roekillik broadsword   bloodied Roekillik mace   Collectable: slimy Roekillik saber   Collectable: crusted Roekillik claw   Collectable: nasty Roeklillik longsword   1 of 6
Salts from Highland Salts (Level 85, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: chunk of grey salt   Collectable: chunk of pink salt   Collectable: chunk of red salt   Collectable: chunk of black salt   chunk of coarse salt   1 of 5
Shadow-Marked Items (Level 90, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: shadow-marked curio   Collectable: shadow-marked shiny trinket   shadow-marked stone tablet   Collectable: shadow-marked gemstone   1 of 4
Spire of Rage Runes and Gemstones (Level 90, Destiny of Velious)

Glyphed Rune Word   Collectable: Small Sparkling Gem   Collectable: Blood-fueled Amber   Collectable: Opal of Seething   Collectable: Fire Emerald of Burning   Collectable: Rune of Conquering   Collectable: Rune of Vengeance   Collectable: Glyphed Rune Crystal   1 of 8
Underfoot Anchor Components (Level 85, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: liquid flame   Collectable: earthen fluids   Collectable: lightning charged ores   Collectable: mercury gasses   Collectable: oily mass   Collectable: salts   flowing wave essences   Collectable: elemental tephra   Collectable: ironized ore   Collectable: steel shards   shimmering shcumph crystals   Collectable: storm water   2 of 12
Ykeshan Military Emblems (Level 80, Shadow Odyssey)

Collectable: Token of War   Collectable: Token of Slashing   Collectable: Token of Crushing   Collectable: Token of Anguish   Collectable: Token of Slaughter   Token of Torture   Collectable: Token of Destruction   Collectable: Token of Agony   1 of 8
plain moth collection (Level 10, Moth)

Collectable: plain brown moth   plain white moth   Collectable: plain black moth   Collectable: plain tan moth   1 of 4
striped moth collection (Level 10, Moth)

striped brown moth   Collectable: striped white moth   Collectable: striped black moth   Collectable: striped tan moth   1 of 4

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