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Clenched Fist
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Toukai, Level 110 Mystic
78 Collections Active, 1182 Collections Completed, 1260 Total (124 Not Started)

[ Displaying 101 of 1384 Census Collections ]

Abalone Engraved Tribal Helm (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Collectable: Pristine Abalone Shell   Collectable: Hymn of Tribal Waters   Collectable: Stamp of Hydrotha   Ink of Salt   Signet of Intellect   2 of 5
Aegis of Earth (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Collectable: Sigil of Protection   Collectable: Essence of Earth   Collectable: Vegarlson Iron   Collectable: Seal of Mud   Rune of Vigor   1 of 5
Airship Architect (Level 100, Altar of Malice)

Collectable: Airship Cannon   Collectable: Airship Engine   Airship Gas Bag   Collectable: Airship Gondola   Collectable: Airship Rigging   Collectable: Airship Stabilizers   1 of 6
Alms of the Crypt of Dalnir META (Level 100, Kunark Ascending)

Ancient Offering for Rile   Collectable: Baneful Offering for Rile   Broken Offering for Rile   Illicit Offering for Rile   Collectable: Incomplete Offering for Rile   Collectable: Uncharted Offering for Rile   3 of 6
Ancient Nizari Secrets (Level 100, Fabled Fallen Dynasty)

Collectable: Hand Written Conundrum   Heavily Penciled Riddle   Charcoal Written Mystery   Blood Scrawled Secret   Inked Composed Enigma   4 of 5
Ancient Nizari Spells META (Level 100, Fabled Fallen Dynasty)

Collectable: Scroll of Crushing Earth   Collectable: Scroll of Elemental Dominance   Scroll of Physical Destruction   Collectable: Scroll of Sacred Blood Curses   Collectable: Scroll of Ethereal Mastery   Scroll of Deathly Blood Magic   2 of 6
Ancient Nizari Statues META (Level 100, Fabled Fallen Dynasty)

Collectable: Statue of Nizari'zhi Blood   Collectable: Statue of Nizari'zhi Flesh   Statue of Nizari'zhi Soul   1 of 3
Askr's Lost Memoirs (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Askr's Lost Vessels   Askr's Ale Tankard   Collectable: Askr's Wine Chalice   Askr's Mead Mug   Askr's Rum Bottle   Askr's Sprits Flask   Askr's Whiskey Jar   6 of 7
Astral Comet Dust META (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Gold Flames Belt Buckle   Collectable: Loupe of the Burning Prince   Collectable: Flame Tyrant's Emblem   Collectable: Fire Guardian's  Pendant   Collectable: Jagged Shard of Frozen Flame   1 of 5
Astral Mapping Device META (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Clockwork Watch   Junker's Loot Bag   Innovator's Oil Flask   Collectable: Automatonic Figurine   Collectable: Lost Salvage Device   3 of 5
Astral Plague Wards META (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Collectable: Necrotic Keepsake   Ensorcelled Salve   Apothecary's Scale   Collectable: Bangle of Disease Warding   Collectable: Primal Plague Keepsake   2 of 5
Astral Storm Flux META (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Collectable: Enchanted Beanstalk Seedling   Collectable: Askr's Lost Memoirs   Harmonic Winds Whistle   Collectable: Torden Lightning Rod   Storm Lord's Shroud   2 of 5
Automatonic Figurine (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Automatonic Schemes   Adornment Sequence   Collectable: Sentinel Sequence   Maintenance Sequence   Planar Production Sequence   Overpatrol Sequence   Intermodal Sequence   6 of 7
Axiom of the Great Bear CLASS (Level 90, Destiny of Velious)

Axiom of Connection   Axiom of Body   Axiom of the Mind   Axiom of Limitless Power   Axiom of Fortitude   Collectable: Axiom of Technique   Collectable: Axiom of Potential   Axiom of the Great Bear   6 of 8
Axiom of the Great Chokidai CLASS (Level 90, Destiny of Velious)

Collectable: Axiom of Knowledge   Collectable: Axiom of Experience   Axiom of the Great Chokidai   Collectable: Axiom of the Adviser   Collectable: Axiom of Protection   Axiom of Might   Collectable: Axiom of Sharpened Minds   Collectable: Axiom of Challenge   2 of 8
Axiom of the Great Crocodile CLASS (Level 90, Beastlord Epic)

Collectable: Axiom of Courage   Axiom of Conviction   Collectable: Axiom of Bravery   Axiom of Overwhelming Odds   Collectable: Axiom of the Fearless   Collectable: Axiom of Will   Collectable: Axiom of the Great Crocodile   Collectable: Axiom of the Merciless   2 of 8
Bangle of Disease Warding (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Rotting Ancient Armory   Gloves of Flowing Ooze   Gooey Boots   Collectable: Bracer of Rotting Bile   Oozing Quarterstaff   Collectable: Ring of the Pox-Bearer   Cursed Armplates   5 of 7
Black Rage of Flame (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Collectable: Doomfire Obsidian   Collectable: Sigil of the Fire Tyrant   Collectable: Essence of Quickening   Seal of Flame   Collectable: Rune of Rage   1 of 5
Blackflame Sphere (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Collectable: Doomfire Curse   Collectable: Hymn of Mana   Stamp of Fire   Ink of Burning   Collectable: Signet of Wisdom   2 of 5
Blaring Ring of Fire (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Collectable: Doomfire Horn   Hymn of Deafening   Stamp of Resonance   Ink of Smoke   Collectable: Sonorous Signet   3 of 5
Bulwark of Shimmering Steel (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Shimmering Steel   Collectable: Hymn of Quickness   Collectable: Stamp of Magic   Collectable: Ink of Dust   Collectable: Signet of Avatars   1 of 5
Charts of Desperation (Level 100, Kunark Ascending)

Church of Kly Outline   Dalnir Forge Illustration   Kly's Laboratory Graph   Mutation Hall Layout   Ritual Chamber Blueprint   Collectable: Slime Cavern Sketch   5 of 6
Circular Crystalline Formation (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Collectable: Crystalline Sphere   Hymn of Formation   Collectable: Stamp of Defense   Collectable: Ink of Vegarlson   Collectable: Signet of Earth   1 of 5
Club of Slime (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Collectable: Sigil of Slime   Essence of Sludge   Rune of Fungus   Seal of Mire   Earthen Club   4 of 5
Coins of the Damned (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Bonefiend's Copper Obol   Culler of Bone's Golden Obol   Deathrot Knight's Bronze Obol   Lord of Decay's Steel Obol   Lord of Ire's Copper Obol   Lord of Loathing's Golden Obol   Master of Spite's Bronze Obol   Collectable: Mistress of Scorn's Electrum Obol   Bleeder of Ire's Copper Obol   P'Tasa's Bronze Obol   Phantom Wraith's Golden Obol   Deathspinner's Bronze Obol   Demetrius Crane's Steel Obol   Maestro's Copper Obol   M'Kari's Bronze Obol   T'Vala's Steel Obol   Collectable: Dreadlord's Electrum Obol   Collectable: Grandmaster's Electrum Obol   Broodmaster's Golden Obol   Collectable: D'Vngur's Electrum Obol   16 of 20
Crow-Footed Lance (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Collectable: Essence of Health   Collectable: Mithril Lance Head   Sigil of the Crows   Collectable: Seal of Air   Rune of Pherlondien   2 of 5
Cursed Armplates (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Collectable: Essence of Malady   Rune of Defect   Collectable: Seal of Canker   Sigil of Infirmity   Collectable: Detroxxulous Steel   2 of 5
Dalnir's Unfinished Armory (Level 100, Kunark Ascending)

Dalnir's Drawn Down Dagger   Dalnir's Bent Cracking Sword   Dalnir's Punched Fray Shield   Dalnir's Shrunk Cold Shield   Dalnir's Swaged Stark Lance   Collectable: Dalnir's Upset Gaunt Blade   5 of 6
Daughter's Faraway Keepsakes (Level 100, Kunark Ascending)

Cast Aside Tiara   Broken Family Portrait   Precious Memory Album   Minion Tattered Tapestry   Soiled Enveloping Shawl   Collectable: Trade City Former Mask   5 of 6
Departed Deific Efforts META (Level 100, Kunark Ascending)

Absolution of Aniquilacion   Elevation of Chaos Stone   Inspiration of Paixao   Collectable: Outbreak of Xul'Varien   Plentitude of Pingyuan Diqu   Talent of Zou Kunnen   5 of 6
Disease-Runed Greatstaff (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Detroxxulous Greatstaff   Collectable: Rune of Disorder   Collectable: Essence of Pus   Collectable: Sigil of Collapse   Collectable: Seal of Decrepitude   1 of 5
Drape of the Agile (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Collectable: Doomfire Cloak   Lively Hymn   Stamp of the Rogues   Ink of Fables   Signet of Crimson   4 of 5
Earring of Embedded Coral (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Collectable: Deep Coral   Hymn of Brine   Collectable: Stamp of Mana   Ink of Fury   Signet of Water   3 of 5
Earring of Living Earth (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Collectable: Vegarlson Stud   Collectable: Hymn of Life   Stamp of Soil   Ink of Regeneration   Signet of Endurance   3 of 5
Enchanted Beanstalk Seedling (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

The Giant Slayer   Skyfury's Discarded Gold Bracer   Thunderstorm Giant Jewelry   Blizzard Giant Jade Armor Fragment   Cloud Giant Fabric Arm Band   Sandstorm Giant Belt   Collectable: Black Aviak Feather   6 of 7
Ensorcelled Metalcloth Cape (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Shining Crimson Gauntlets   Phoenix Claw Talisman   Mask of the Insightful   Spear of Fire   Collectable: Tethered Air Cape   Collectable: Crow-Footed Lance   Collectable: Scintillating Feathered Mask   Collectable: Sparkling Satin Pantaloons   Collectable: Aegis of Earth   Collectable: Club of Slime   Collectable: Twisted Twig Ring   Reinforced Mephit Talon   Collectable: Cursed Armplates   Collectable: Pox-Ridden Carapace   Collectable: Firebone Notebook   Collectable: Fetid Flesh Wristband   5 of 16
Exquisite Phoenix Feather Boots (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Collectable: Exquisite Phoenix Feather   Essence of Sinew   Sigil of Vim   Rune of Brawn   Seal of Attack   4 of 5
Exquisite Puresteel Wraps (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Collectable: Black Rage of Flame   Collectable: Exquisite Phoenix Feather Boots   Collectable: Girdle of Earthen Stability   Disease Runed Greatstaff   1 of 4
Fetid Flesh Wristband (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Collectable: Fetid Flesh   Collectable: Sigil of Rank   Seal of Stench   Collectable: Essence of Putridity   Collectable: Rune of Rot   1 of 5
Fire Guardian's Pendant (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Fire Guardian Sigils   Lava Golem's Sigil   Collectable: Dark Efreeti Sigil   Swift Phoenix Sigil   Collectable: Obsidian Golem Sigil   Lava Giant's Sigil   Collectable: Flametail Sigil   4 of 7
Firebone Notebook (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Collectable: Rune of Hastiness   Collectable: Diseased Notebook   Sigil of Bone   Collectable: Essence of Torridity   Seal of Ossein   2 of 5
Flame Tyrant's Emblem (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Collectable: Flame Tyrant's Pendants   Collectable: Pendant of Molten Fury   Pendant of Charred Desire   Pendant of Blazing Pain   Pendant of Simmering Wrath   Pendant of Sweltered Rage   Collectable: Pendant of Blackened Ire   4 of 7
Follower Marks of The Kly (Level 100, Kunark Ascending)

Accursed Signature of The Kly   Bloody Insignia of The Kly   Doomed Stamp of The Kly   Grim Symbol of The Kly   Grisly Impression of The Kly   Collectable: Mortal Brand of The Kly   5 of 6
Foul Pestilence Panegyrics (Level 100, Kunark Ascending)

Parchment of Diseases   Lament of Bane Contagion   Recollection of Rife Endemic   Collectable: Blight Cursed Charm   Illustration of Scourge   Dire Exeecution of Oblivion   5 of 6
Gem Encrusted Lance (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Runed Lance   Hymn of Deep Gems   Collectable: Stamp of Coral   Ink of Tides   Collectable: Signet of Saline   3 of 5
Glowing Nizari Runes (Level 100, Fabled Fallen Dynasty)

Glowing Rune of Traditions   Collectable: Glowing Rune of Terror   Glowing Rune of Union   Glowing Rune of Sacrifice   Glowing Rune of Empire   4 of 5
Gold Flames Belt Buckle (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Infernal Creature Parts   Flaming Phoenix Feather   Cleffyl Hoof   Fire Demon Horn   Obsidian Gargoyle Fragment   Collectable: Cinder Gargoyle Fragment   Lava Gargoyle Fragment   6 of 7
Guide Dolls Series 01 (Level 80, Hold of Prexus)

Norrathian Kellin Doll   Norrathian Hrathnir Doll   Norrathian Ainure Doll   Collectable: Norrathian Rynara Doll   3 of 4
Hammer of Crushing Waves (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Awuidor Hammer   Hymn of the Deep   Stamp of Waves   Collectable: Ink of Blue Waters   Signet of Fathoms   4 of 5
Ireful Items (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Irefully Uttered Whim   Collectable: Irefully Withheld Word   Collectable: Irefully Strong Totem   Irefully Welted Flesh   Collectable: Irefully Screamed Obscenity   2 of 5
Jagged Shard of Frozen Flame (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Dagger of the Flames   Collectable: Gauntlets of the Burning Prince   Lance of the Flame Knight   Obsidian Greatblade   Basalt Plated Pauldrons   Wand of the Firestorm   Flame Encased Earring   6 of 7
Karana's Primal Seal (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Collectable: Ancient Storm Seals   Seal of the Cyclone   Seal of the Blizzard   Seal of the Monsoon   Seal of the Hurricane   Seal of the Tornado   Seal of the Downpour   6 of 7
Kelp-Lined Mantle (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Collectable: Waterlogged Mantle   Collectable: Hymn of the Deep   Collectable: Stamp of Kelp   Ink of the Octopod   Collectable: Signet of Foam   1 of 5
Leaf-Jointed Cloak (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Earth Cloak   Collectable: Hymn of Leaves   Collectable: Stamp of Steel   Collectable: Ink of Saves   Collectable: Signet of Warders   1 of 5
Legends of Guk (Level 110, Return to Guk)

Strength of Rideepa   Strength of Froppit   Strength of Molinap   Strength of Lord Kerpep   Strength of the Usurper   Strength of Furdip   Strength of Hopter   Strength of Aruze   Strength of Gorscha   Strength of Krell   Strength of Vroak   Strength of the Ancient One   Strength of Ferhustr Frupdor   Strength of Trogoldon Greck   Strength of Mrogold Minosk   Collectable: Strength of Zraxth   Strength of Anathraxxis   Strength of Ree'Gor   Strength of Treskar   Strength of Lord Krasick   19 of 20
Loathsome Leftovers (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Loathsomely Mumbled Occultism   Collectable: Loathsomely Hidden Nondisclosure   Collectable: Loathsomely Cracked Effigy   Collectable: Loathsomely Severed Appendage   Loathsomely Spilled Yearning   2 of 5
Lost Fairy Wings (Level 100, Terrors of Thalumbra)

Wing of Dawn   Wing of Dusk   Wing of Light   Collectable: Wing of Night   3 of 4
Lost Salvage Device (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Derelict Factory Fragments   Collectable: Broken Belt Clip   Torn Silt Strainer   Cracked Cauldron Shard   Dulled Gear Tooth   Rusted Steam Whistle   Incomplete Still Knob   6 of 7
Loupe of the Burning Prince (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Glyphs of Solar Focus   Collectable: Scalding Glyph   Scorching Glyph   Searing Glyph   Blistering Glyph   Withering Glyph   Burning Glyph   6 of 7
Magnified Vial (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Collectable: Festering Bacteria Samples   Festering Mycobacteria Sample   Festering Spirochete Sample   Festering Spirilla Sample   Festering Corynebacter Sample   Festering Helicobacter Sample   Festering Streptomyces Sample   6 of 7
Manacle of Disruption (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Ensorcelled Metalcloth Cape   Collectable: Ring of Flowing Stones   Collectable: Earthen Bile   1 of 3
Metallic Clockwork Contraption (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Ornate Gears   Golden Gear   Silver Gear   Copper Gear   Nickel Gear   Collectable: Chromium Gear   Brass Gear   6 of 7
Necrotic Keepsake (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Collectable: Necrotic Germs   Sarcodimon Filament   Rhizonis Karyote   Mycetonic Tendril   Giardinal Ciliate   Collectable: Blepharismic Strain   Collectable: Euglenic Metazoa   4 of 7
Obulus Frontier Acquisition (Level 100, Kunark Ascending)

Luclin Vestige of Obulus Frontier   Collectable: Cryptic Vestige of Dalnir   Collectable: Undead Vestige of Kaesora   Collectable: Ancient Vestige of City of Mist   Collectable: Godly Vestige of Arcanna'se Spire   Chaotic Vestige of Sathirian Dynasty   2 of 6
Planar Astrolabe META (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Small Tinkered Contraption   Collectable: Metallic Clockwork Contraption   Tin Star Earring   Circlet of Mystery   Master Control Device   4 of 5
Planar Comet Dust META (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Collectable: Summoned Blaze   Collectable: Pyromantic Charm   Skyward Pouch   Collectable: Solar Smudge Stick   Molten Seal   2 of 5
Planar Disease Ward META (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Necromancer's Scythe   Collectable: Magnified Vial   Bertoxxulous Urn   Madman's Mantle   Essence of Malaise   4 of 5
Planar Storm Flux META (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

The Key Master Pendant   Cumulonimbus Rune   Collectable: Karana's Primal Seal   Cloudburst Hailstone   Cacophony Drum   4 of 5
Planes of Prophecy Expert Heroic Collection (Level 110, Expert Recognition)

Collectable: Askr's Wine Chalice   Collectable: Black Aviak Feather   Collectable: Chimes of the Four Winds   Collectable: Belt of Crystallized Rain   Collectable: Original Torden Designs   Apothecary's Instruments   Collectable: Bracer of Rotting Bile   Collectable: Wounded Flesh   Collectable: Blepharismic Strain   Collectable: Primal Plague Remnants   Collectable: Sentinel Sequence   Chromium Balance Wheel   Clockwork Essential Oils   Collectable: Junker's Treasures   Collectable: Broken Belt Clip   Collectable: Dark Efreeti Sigil   Collectable: Flame Tyrant's Pendants   Collectable: Flaming Phoenix Feather   Collectable: Gauntlets of the Burning Prince   Collectable: Scalding Glyph   3 of 20

Collectable: Cumulus Rune   Collectable: Stormchaser's Pendants   Collectable: Furious Hailstones   Collectable: Ancient Storm Seals   Bellowing Drum   Diseased Burial Urns   Viral Essence   Collectable: Psychopathic Ledger   Collectable: Festering Bacteria Samples   Essence of Bertoxxulous   Invention Relics   Collectable: Tinkerer's Necessities   Collectable: Chromium Gear   Ancient Machine Parts   Disc of Secrecy   Molten Relics   Collectable: Inferno Box   Ashes of Old Skies   Collectable: Empyreal Vestiges   Collectable: Phillumenist's Augments   9 of 20
Planeswalker's Drapery (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Collectable: Torn Fragment of an Elemental Cloak   Collectable: Torn Remnant of an Elemental Cloak   Torn Shred of an Elemental Cloak   Collectable: Torn Scrap of an Elemental Cloak   1 of 4
Planeswalker's Sash (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Collectable: Ripped Fragment of a Planar Sash   Collectable: Ripped Remnant of a Planar Sash   Ripped Shred of a Planar Sash   Collectable: Ripped Scrap of a Planar Sash   1 of 4
Pox-Ridden Carapace (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Death Beetle Carapace   Collectable: Rune of Illness   Collectable: Essence of Virus   Collectable: Sigil of Plagues   Seal of Disgust   2 of 5
Primal Plague Keepsake (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Collectable: Primal Plague Remnants   Collectable: Malarian Postulary   Necrotic Scalpel   Pox-ridden Blanket   Fossilized Flesh Scraps   Collectable: Preserved Toxin Dish   Contaminated Bindings   4 of 7
Proceeding of Rak'Ashiir's Lost Faith META (Level 100, Kunark Ascending)

City's Demise Groundwork   Runaway Bride Affair   Collectable: Stolen Daughter Tragedy   Eternal Undead Shroud   Skewed Citizen Memories   Spouse Murder Plan   5 of 6
Puresteel Mantle (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Collectable: Puresteel Ingot   Hymn of Armor   Stamp of Pain   Ink of Endurance   Signet of Magic   4 of 5
Pyromantic Charm (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Pyromantic Ignitors   Anticipatory Flint   Reusable Tinder   Persistent Spark   Organic Combustive   Collectable: Inferno Box   Phlogistic Funnel   6 of 7
Reanimation Incantation CLASS (Level 100, Signature)

Collectable: Spell Scroll: Spectral Monument   Collectable: Spell Scroll: Rattling Earth   Collectable: Spell Scroll: Restore Flesh   Spell Scroll: Breath Life   1 of 4
Relics of the Nizari Queen META (Level 100, Fabled Fallen Dynasty)

Collectable: Crown of the Nizari'zhi   Collectable: Jewel Encrusted Sword of the Nizari'zhi   Golden Dagger of the Nizari'zhi   Adorned Robes of the Nizari'zhi   Gem Encrusted Breastplate of the Nizari'zhi   3 of 5
Resplendent Epaulets (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Eryslai Steel   Collectable: Hymn of the Phoenix   Stamp of Health   Ink of Saving   Signet of Melee   4 of 5
Ring of Flowing Stones (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Collectable: Shimmering Sleeves of Flame   Collectable: Drape of the Agile   Collectable: Blackflame Sphere   Collectable: Blaring Ring of Fire   Collectable: Puresteel Mantle   Collectable: Resplendent Epaulets   Collectable: Bulwark of Shimmering Steel   Ivory-Hilted Cleaver   Collectable: War Drums of the Rathe   Collectable: Leaf-Jointed Cloak   Collectable: Circular Crystalline Formation   Collectable: Earring of Living Earth   Collectable: Earring of Embedded Coral   Collectable: Kelp-Lined Mantle   Collectable: Gem Encrusted Lance   Collectable: Abalone Engraved Tribal Helm   1 of 16
Sacred Nizari Idols (Level 100, Fabled Fallen Dynasty)

Sacred Idol of Unfathomable Allure   Sacred Idol of Dauntless Rule   Sacred Idol of Unyielding Dominance   Collectable: Sacred Idol of the Nizari Gods   Sacred Idol of Nizari Will   4 of 5
Scintillating Feathered Mask (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Rune of Scintillation   Sigil of the Queen   Seal of Flight   Collectable: Zephyren Feather   Essence of Iron   4 of 5
Scornful Remnants (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Collectable: Scornfully Spoken Spell   Scornfully Kept Secret   Collectable: Scornfully Powerful Talisman   Collectable: Scornfully Gory Scrap   Collectable: Scornfully Thought Desire   1 of 5
Shimmering Sleeves of Flame (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Hymn of Agility   Collectable: Sunmane Sleeves   Collectable: Stamp of Phoenix   Collectable: Ink of Haste   Collectable: Signet of Cold   1 of 5
Solar Smudge Stick (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Cosmic Remnants   Stellar Dust Relic   Collectable: Empyreal Vestiges   Meteoric Dross   Residual Light Fragment   Sunbeam Particle   Nebula Spore   6 of 7
Sparkling Satin Pantaloons (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Rune of Lunacy   Planar Satin   Sigil of Colors   Sparkling Essence   Collectable: Seal of Joy   4 of 5
Spiteful Remains (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Spitefully Declared Magic   Collectable: Spitefully Retained Idea   Collectable: Spitefully Heavy Mask   Collectable: Spitefully Twisted Finger   Collectable: Spitefully Muttered Hunger   1 of 5
Summoned Blaze (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Collectable: Phillumenist's Augments   Obsidian Glint   Cinder Glint   Lava Glint   Elemental Glint   Demon Glint   Phoenix Glint   6 of 7
Tethered Air Cape (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Collectable: Essence of Speed   Seal of Endurance   Sigil of the Elements   Collectable: Silken Tether   Rune of Cold   3 of 5
The Forbidden Pages (Level 80, Tome)

Collectable: The Forbidden Pages - Page 1   Collectable: The Forbidden Pages - Page 2   The Forbidden Pages - Page 3   The Forbidden Pages - Page 4   Collectable: The Forbidden Pages - Page 5   Collectable: The Forbidden Pages - Page 6   Collectable: The Forbidden Pages - Page 7   2 of 7
The Nails That Built Guk (Level 110, Return to Guk)

Steel Nail   Copper Nail   Bronze Nail   Silver Nail   Golden Nail   Iron Nail   Ruthenium Nail   Ebon Nail   Rhodium Nail   Vanadium Nail   Indium Nail   Xegonite Nail   Tynnonium Nail   Kaborite Nail   Titanium Nail   Osmium Nail   Tungsten Nail   Lumium Nail   Bornite Nail   Collectable: Rubicite Nail   19 of 20
Torden Lightning Rod (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Collectable: Original Torden Designs   Lightning Tower Sketch   Blizzard Tower Model   Tornado Tower Rendering   Sandstorm Tower Blueprint   Torden Courtyard Sketch   Karana's Approval Seal   6 of 7
Twisted Twig Ring (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Collectable: Earthen Twig   Collectable: Essence of Regeneration   Seal of Korascian   Rune of Poison   Collectable: Sigil of Charisma   2 of 5
Undead Army Bounties (Level 100, Kunark Ascending)

Spear Thrusting Device   Stone Scribed Tome   Limestone Barricade   Collectable: Underground Barrack Sheets   Cracked Hemic Urn   Day Shunning Tapestry   5 of 6
Unveiled Library Devices (Level 100, Kunark Ascending)

Rusty Used Oil Lamp   Charming Reading Stones   Broken Cover Latch   Stolen Link Keys   Unkempt Case Duster   Collectable: Unstable Ladder Rudder   5 of 6
Vampiric Calling of Sathir META (Level 100, Kunark Ascending)

Ancient Knowledge Calling   Collectable: Timeless Assembly Calling   Pure Blood Calling   Collectable: Potent Voracity Calling   Revived Heritage Calling   Collectable: War Resurgence Calling   3 of 6
Vestiges of Prophecy META (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Planar Entropy Essence   Collectable: Astral Mapping Device   Collectable: Astral Plague Ward   Collectable: Astral Storm Flux   Collectable: Astral Comet Dust   Collectable: Planar Astrolabe   Collectable: Planar Disease Ward   Collectable: Planar Storm Flux   Collectable: Planar Comet Dust   Primal Planar Nexus   Collectable: Astral Prism   Collectable: Astral Projector   2 of 12
Vile Vestiges (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Collectable: Vilely Raged Thaumaturgy   Collectable: Vilely Vicious Seclusion   Vilely Marred Figure   Collectable: Vilely Shattered Plasma   Collectable: Vilely Told Mysticism   1 of 5
War Drums of the Rathe (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Collectable: Earth Drums   Hymn of Resonance   Stamp of Chants   Ink of Composition   Signet of Bards   4 of 5
Xalgoz Adventure Tributes (Level 100, Kunark Ascending)

Xalgoz Council Capture List   Xalgoz Secretive Escapade Log   Collectable: Xalgoz City Lordship Record   Xalgoz Empowerment Menology   Xalgoz Entrusted Commission   Xalgoz Karnor Army Ledger   5 of 6

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