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Clenched Fist
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Karans, Level 16 Warden
29 Collections Active, 22 Collections Completed, 51 Total (1380 Not Started)

[ Displaying 19 of 1431 Census Collections ]

Abomination Teeth (Level 70, Teeth)

Collectable: broken abomination incisor   chipped abomination incisor   Collectable: polished abomination incisor   Collectable: worn abomination incisor   Collectable: broken abomination molar   Collectable: chipped abomination molar   Collectable: polished abomination molar   Collectable: worn abomination molar   1 of 8
Awakened Emblems (Level 60, Emblems)

bronze emblem of awakened   Collectable: gold emblem of awakened   Collectable: silver emblem of awakened   Collectable: platinum emblem of awakened   1 of 4
Basilisk Scales (Level 65, Scales)

Collectable: broken basilisk scale   Collectable: decaying basilisk scale   pristine basilisk scale   Collectable: shining basilisk scale   Collectable: tarnished basilisk scale   1 of 5
Cinder Ore (Level 60, Ore)

Collectable: blemished cinder ore   Collectable: chipped cinder ore   Collectable: marred cinder ore   scuffed cinder ore   Collectable: shattered cinder ore   1 of 5
Dragon Insignias (Level 60, Insignias)

Collectable: blemished dragon insignia   Collectable: polished dragon insignia   Collectable: pristine dragon insignia   Collectable: shining dragon insignia   Collectable: weathered dragon insignia   worn dragon insignia   1 of 6
Droag Scales (Level 60, Scales)

Collectable: blemished Droag scale   decaying Droag scale   Collectable: pristine Droag scale   Collectable: tarnished Droag scale   1 of 4

Collectable: large dusky piece of airship plating   Collectable: large pristine piece of airship plating   Collectable: large shining piece of airship plating   Collectable: large weathered piece of airship plating   large worn piece of airship plating   1 of 5

medium dusky piece of airship plating   Collectable: medium pristine piece of airship plating   Collectable: medium shining piece of airship plating   Collectable: medium weathered piece of airship plating   Collectable: medium worn piece of airship plating   1 of 5
Polished Droag Teeth (Level 70, Teeth)

Collectable: large polished Droag incisor   medium polished Droag incisor   Collectable: small polished Droag incisor   Collectable: large polished Droag molar   Collectable: medium polished Droag molar   Collectable: small polished Droag molar   1 of 6
Ravasect Mandibles (Level 70, Teeth)

Collectable: blemished ravasect mandible   Collectable: broken ravasect mandible   chipped ravasect mandible   worn ravasect mandible   2 of 4
Sand Giant Toes (Level 50, Toes)

decaying sand giant toe   Collectable: fresh sand giant toe   Collectable: shriveled sand giant toe   1 of 3
butterfly collection. (Level 20, Butterfly)

box of striped butterflies   Collectable: box of spotted butterflies   box of plain butterflies   2 of 3
halfling bone fragment collection (Level 45, Bone Fragment)

Collectable: shattered halfling bone fragment   cracked halfling bone fragment   Collectable: weathered halfling bone fragment   Collectable: unscathed halfling bone fragment   Collectable: enchanted halfling bone fragment   1 of 5
moth collection (Level 20, Moth)

Collectable: box of striped moths   box of spotted moths   box of plain moths   2 of 3
shattered bone fragments collection (Level 10, Bone Fragment)

shattered barbarian bone fragment   Collectable: shattered high elf bone fragment   shattered human bone fragment   Collectable: shattered iksar bone fragment   Collectable: shattered kerra bone fragment   Collectable: shattered ogre bone fragment   Collectable: shattered orc bone fragment   Collectable: shattered ratonga bone fragment   Collectable: shattered troll bone fragment   Collectable: shattered wood elf bone fragment   Collectable: shattered dark elf bone fragment   Collectable: shattered dwarf bone fragment   Collectable: shattered erudite bone fragment   Collectable: shattered froglok bone fragment   Collectable: shattered gnoll bone fragment   Collectable: shattered gnome bone fragment   Collectable: shattered half elf bone fragment   Collectable: shattered halfling bone fragment   2 of 18
spotted butterfly collection (Level 15, Butterfly)

Collectable: spotted blue butterfly   Collectable: spotted purple butterfly   spotted violet butterfly   spotted yellow butterfly   2 of 4
spotted spider collection (Level 25, Spider)

spotted blue spider   spotted green spider   spotted grey spider   Collectable: spotted yellow spider   spotted red spider   4 of 5
striped moth collection (Level 10, Moth)

Collectable: striped brown moth   striped white moth   striped black moth   striped tan moth   3 of 4
striped spider collection (Level 25, Spider)

striped blue spider   striped green spider   Collectable: striped grey spider   striped yellow spider   Collectable: striped red spider   3 of 5

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