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Clenched Fist
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Rubashov, Level 120 Beastlord
30 Collections Active, 15 Collections Completed, 45 Total (1911 Not Started)

[ Displaying 21 of 1956 Census Collections ]

A Dragon's Dream Come True (Level 95, Destiny of Velious)

Collectable: Doll of an Intrepid Paladin   Collectable: Doll of a Cunning Brigand   Collectable: Doll of a Stoic Templar   Collectable: Doll of a Warlike Wizard   Collectable: Doll of a Fearless Berserker   Collectable: Doll of a Dashing Swashbuckler   Collectable: Doll of a Lamenting Dirge   Collectable: Doll of a Faithful Mystic   Doll of a Forceful Bruiser   1 of 9
Armor of the Rime (Level 90, Destiny of Velious)

Collectable: A Frost-Rimed Ring   A Frost-Rimed Axe   A Frost-Rimed Sword   Collectable: A Frost-Rimed Helmet   Collectable: A Frost-Rimed Breastplate   2 of 5
Blood Runes (Level 80, Shadow Odyssey)

Collectable: Rune of Blood: Annihilation   Rune of Blood: Destruction   Collectable: Rune of Blood: Extermination   Collectable: Rune of Blood: Martyrdom   Collectable: Rune of Blood: Fatality   Collectable: Rune of Blood: Casualty   Collectable: Rune of Blood: Ruin   Collectable: Rune of Blood: Doom   1 of 8
Coldain Relics (Level 90, Destiny of Velious)

Coldain Pick-Axe   Collectable: Coldain Beard Ring   Collectable: Barrel of Coldain Ale   Collectable: Velium War Wolf Choker   Collectable: Ancient Battlepriest Helm   Collectable: Ancient Velium Battle Axe   Collectable: Velium Forging Hammer   1 of 7
Elemental Cores (Level 85, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: earth elemental core   air elemental core   Collectable: water elemental core   Collectable: fire elemental core   Collectable: wind elemental core   Collectable: lightning elemental core   1 of 6
Erudite Surgical Tools (Level 85, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: blood covered amputation knife   rusty bone saw   Collectable: serrated skull saw   Collectable: hand operated trephine   Collectable: dirty forceps   Collectable: oversized scalpel   1 of 6
Forgotten Trinkets (Level 90, Destiny of Velious)

Collectable: A Crimson Branch   An Azure Branch   Collectable: A Pulsating Globule   Collectable: A Living Chunk of Wall   Collectable: A Petrified Branch   1 of 5
Hearts of the Knights of Marr (Level 80, Shadow Odyssey)

Collectable: A Moldering Heart   A Decomposed Heart   Collectable: A Disintegrated Heart   Collectable: A Putrefied Heart   Collectable: A Rotted Heart   Collectable: A Deteriorated Heart   1 of 6
Iceshard Keep Soldier Symbols (Level 90, Destiny of Velious)

Collectable: Frostbourne Kromrif Symbol   Collectable: Battlerager Kromrif Symbol   Collectable: Iceweaver Kromrif Symbol   Collectable: Bloodfist Kromrif Symbol   Frozenshard Kromrif Symbol   Collectable: Bonebreaker Kromrif Symbol   Collectable: Stonecutter Kromrif Symbol   Collectable: Coldforge Kromrif Symbol   1 of 8
Items of the Lost Brotherhood (Level 80, Shadow Odyssey)

Collectable: Fire Scarred Indigo Brotherhood Breastplate   Collectable: Fire Scarred Indigo Brotherhood Boots   Collectable: Fire Scarred Indigo Brotherhood Gauntlets   Fire Scarred Indigo Brotherhood Leggings   Collectable: Fire Scarred Indigo Brotherhood Pauldrons   Collectable: Fire Scarred Indigo Brotherhood Helm   Collectable: Fire Scarred Indigo Brotherhood Sword   Collectable: Fire Scarred Indigo Brotherhood Shield   1 of 8
Library of Erudin Murder Weapons (Level 90, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: Torqued Spanner   Collectable: Overloaded Wand   Cracked Staff   Collectable: Bloodied Chain of Office   Collectable: Bloody Dagger   Collectable: Tarnished Candlestick   1 of 6
Memories of Velketor (Level 90, Destiny of Velious)

Bracelet of Frostbite   Collectable: Vermilion Orb of Torrefaction   Collectable: Snow Storm Mask   Collectable: Crystal Rod of Confusion   Collectable: Velketor's Spellbook   1 of 5
Order of Rime Battle Relics (Level 90, Destiny of Velious)

Collectable: Order of Rime Battleaxe   Collectable: Sleetsaber Dagger   Collectable: Flurryburst Spellbook   Collectable: Shardfist Handwrap   Living Glacier Cube   Order of Rime Medallion   Collectable: Order of Rime Branding Iron   2 of 7
Relics of the Battle of Thurgadin (Level 90, Destiny of Velious)

Collectable: An Icy Symbol of Rallos   A Chipped Axe Blade   Collectable: A Frosty Symbol of Brell   Collectable: A Coldain Love Letter   A Primal Velium Whetstone   Collectable: A Cleft Kromrif Skull   2 of 6
Relics of the Ethernauts (Level 85, Shadow Odyssey)

Asharae's Jagged Dagger   Collectable: Asharae's Transmuting Satchel   Collectable: Bayle's Leather Hair Tie   Collectable: Bayle's Skinning Knife   Collectable: Eylee's Finely Crafted Drum   Collectable: Eylee's Unfinished Song   Collectable: Fiddlewiz's Sprocket Wrench   Collectable: Fiddlewiz's Tinkered Spectacles   Collectable: Illisia's Purpleheart Longbow   Collectable: Illisia's Sturdy Trail Boots   Collectable: Ironstein's Smithy Hammer   Collectable: Ironstein's Tarnished Tankard   Collectable: Nurgg's Crudely Forged Longsword   Collectable: Nurgg's Rock Hammer   Roadyle's Feathered Quill   Collectable: Roadyle's Ragged Scribing Robes   Collectable: Skullcleaver's Charm Bracelet   Collectable: Skullcleaver's Dented Stew Pot   Twiddy's Design Journal   Collectable: Twiddy's Gold Compass   3 of 20
Requests of the Crusaders (Level 95, Destiny of Velious)

Collectable: A Corrupted Gargoyle Stone   Collectable: A Primal Storm Dragon Claw   Collectable: A Corrupted Forbidding Stone   Collectable: A Scorn Spectre Essence   Collectable: A Crystallized Wyvern Heart   An Opalescent Gargoyle Stone   Collectable: A Shimmering Phantasm Stone   Collectable: A Tainted Wyvern Heart   Collectable: An Ancient Drakeen Heart   1 of 9
Rime Badges of Rank (Level 90, Destiny of Velious)

Collectable: Badge of the Sleetsabers   Badge of the Flurrybursts   Badge of the Shardhammers   Collectable: Badge of the Nova-Vicars   Collectable: Badge of the Dark Riders   Collectable: Badge of the Rime Lords   2 of 6
Supreme Laochsmith Psorin's Custom Helms (Level 95, Destiny of Velious)

Collectable: A Cracked Akkirus' Crown of the Risen   Collectable: A Damaged Blood Lord Crown   Collectable: A Torn Cowl of Mortality   Collectable: A Battered Crown of the Kromzek Kings   A Corroded Scaled Knight's Helm   Collectable: A Rusted Crown of the Myrmidon   Collectable: A Scorched Frostreaver's Velium Crown   Collectable: A Shattered Helm of Twilight   Collectable: An Order for Psorin   1 of 9
Symbols of the Everdark Ogres (Level 80, Shadow Odyssey)

Collectable: Everdark Mark of Protection   Collectable: Everdark Mark of Service   Everdark Mark of Grush   Collectable: Everdark Mark of Najena   Collectable: Everdark Mark of Devotion   Collectable: Everdark Mark of Death   Collectable: Everdark Mark of Elements   Collectable: Everdark Mark of Darkness   1 of 8
The Deep and Dark Places: Geodes (Level 95, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: Kaborite Geodes: Elemental   Collectable: Kaborite Geodes: Crests   Collectable: Kaborite Geodes: Fortress   Collectable: Kaborite Geodes: Golem   Collectable: Kaborite Geodes: Roekillik   Collectable: Kaborite Geodes: Ca'Na   Kaborite Geodes: Flora   Collectable: Kaborite Geodes: Gardening   Collectable: Kaborite Geodes: Onaya   Collectable: Kaborite Geodes: Surgical   1 of 10
Trinkets of the Ascent (Level 90, Destiny of Velious)

Collectable: A Tuft of Spider Wool   Collectable: A Mote of Ice   A Mote of Growth   Collectable: A Living Chunk of Ice   Collectable: A Frozen Root   1 of 5

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