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Clenched Fist
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Bridaen, Level 90 Templar
49 Collections Active, 12 Collections Completed, 61 Total (1370 Not Started)

[ Displaying 48 of 1431 Census Collections ]

A Swinging Wake (Level 30, Nights of the Dead)

Aura of Foreboding   Cadaverous Breath   Sudden Fright   Spine Tingle   Collectable: Growing Suspense   Collectable: Undying Ardor   Overwhelming Terror   Collectable: Essence of Putrescence   5 of 8
Awakened Emblems (Level 60, Emblems)

bronze emblem of awakened   gold emblem of awakened   Collectable: silver emblem of awakened   Collectable: platinum emblem of awakened   2 of 4
Battle Relics from Kejaan's Rill (Level 85, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: broken Hua Mein shield   Collectable: broken Hua Mein fighting pole   Collectable: broken Hua Mein battle sword   Collectable: broken erudite battle axe   Collectable: broken erudite tower shield   dented erudite helm   1 of 6
Beholder Eyes (Level 60, Eyes)

arid beholder eye   Collectable: blemished beholder eye   Collectable: decrepit beholder eye   Collectable: petrified beholder eye   shriveled beholder eye   Collectable: weathered beholder eye   2 of 6
Brews Across Norrath (Level 20, Brewday)

Collectable: Claymore Ale   Collectable: Ashfall Crag Lager   Collectable: Sapling's Raspberry Lambic   Collectable: Miner's Milk   Collectable: Somborn Sanguine Ale   Bog Water Brew   Bixie Honey Lager   Windstalker's Hard Cider   Collectable: Crossroads Ale   3 of 9
Brute Fur (Level 78, Kunark)

Tuft of Black Brute Fur   Tuft of Brown Brute Fur   Tuft of Dark Brown Brute Fur   Collectable: Tuft of White Brute Fur   3 of 4
Burynai Claws (Level 75, Kunark)

Collectable: Large Burynai Claw   Collectable: Medium Burynai Claw   Collectable: Small Burynai Claw   Tiny Burynai Claw   1 of 4
Cinder Ore (Level 60, Ore)

Collectable: blemished cinder ore   Collectable: chipped cinder ore   Collectable: marred cinder ore   scuffed cinder ore   shattered cinder ore   2 of 5
Cockatrice Feathers (Level 78, Kunark)

Blue Cockatrice Feather   Collectable: Gold Cockatrice Feather   Orange Cockatrice Feather   Red Cockatrice Feather   Collectable: Purple Cockatrice Feather   3 of 5
Desert Sand Collection (Level 50, Sand)

blue sand   green sand   orange sand   Collectable: purple sand   Collectable: red sand   Collectable: yellow sand   3 of 6
Discarded Bones (Level 70, Mistmoore Catacombs)

Collectable: discarded femur   Collectable: discarded fibula   Collectable: discarded humerus   Collectable: discarded pelvis   Collectable: discarded ribcage   Collectable: discarded spine   discarded tibia   1 of 7
Dragon Insignias (Level 60, Insignias)

blemished dragon insignia   polished dragon insignia   Collectable: pristine dragon insignia   shining dragon insignia   Collectable: weathered dragon insignia   worn dragon insignia   4 of 6
Fearstalker Remains (Level 90, Sentinel's Fate)

decaying fearstalker talon   decaying fearstalker paw   decaying fearstalker carcass   decaying fearstalker spine   decaying fearstalker rib   Collectable: decaying fearstalker skull   5 of 6
Forest Beetles (Level 20, Greater Faydark)

Collectable: click beetle   Collectable: goliath beetle   Collectable: jewel beetle   long-arm beetle   long-horn beetle   Collectable: rhinoceros beetle   stag beetle   3 of 7
Froglok Tongues (Level 80, Kunark)

A Long Froglok Tongue   Collectable: A Pierced Froglok Tongue   A Short Froglok Tongue   A Torn Froglok Tongue   3 of 4
Frost-bitten Toes (Level 80, Toes)

Collectable: Tiny frost-bitten Gnome toe   Tiny frost-bitten Halfling toe   Frost-bitten Iksar toe   Collectable: Furry frost-bitten Ratonga toe   Frost-bitten Human toe   Green frost-bitten Goblin toe   Frost-bitten Barbarian toe   5 of 7
Glyphed Relics (Level 90, Sentinel's Fate)

glyphed tome   Collectable: glyphed beaker   Collectable: glyphed platter   Collectable: glyphed urn   Collectable: glyphed goblet   glyphed stein   2 of 6
Goblin Earrings (Level 75, Kunark)

Commoner's Earring   Collectable: Great Earring   Mystic's Earring   Warrior's Earring   Collectable: Witchdoctor's Earring   3 of 5
Grubs (Level 20, Greater Faydark)

Collectable: fat grub   Collectable: green grub   grey grub   skinny grub   spotted grub   Collectable: striped grub   Collectable: white grub   3 of 7
Mantrap Petals (Level 78, Kunark)

Narrow Mantrap Petal   Collectable: Pointed Mantrap Petal   Veined Mantrap Petal   Wide Mantrap Petal   3 of 4
Mined Gems (Level 30, Kaladim)

Collectable: mined amethyst   Collectable: mined diamond   Collectable: mined emerald   Collectable: mined opal   Collectable: mined peridot   Collectable: mined ruby   mined sapphire   1 of 7
Mystic Moppet parts (Level 50, Moppet)

extra large canvas bag   Collectable: onyx buttons   Collectable: medium canvas bags   Collectable: small canvas bags   Collectable: large canvas bag   Collectable: lost soul   Collectable: enchanted straw   1 of 7
Orthiss and Kirkata (Level 70, Tome)

Orthiss and Kirkata - Page 2   Collectable: Orthiss and Kirkata - Page 3   Collectable: Orthiss and Kirkata - Page 5   Collectable: Orthiss and Kirkata - Page 7   Collectable: Orthiss and Kirkata - Page 9   Collectable: Orthiss and Kirkata - Page 10   Collectable: Orthiss and Kirkata - Page 11   Collectable: Orthiss and Kirkata - Page 13   Collectable: Orthiss and Kirkata - Page 14   Orthiss and Kirkata - Page 15   2 of 10
Quel'ule Research Manuals (Level 90, Sentinel's Fate)

partially blank Quel'ule research manual   Collectable: partially illegible Quel'ule research manual   Collectable: partially incomprehensible Quel'ule research manual   partially undecipherable Quel'ule research manual   2 of 4
Relics of the Battle of Thurgadin (Level 90, Destiny of Velious)

Collectable: An Icy Symbol of Rallos   Collectable: A Chipped Axe Blade   Collectable: A Frosty Symbol of Brell   Collectable: A Coldain Love Letter   Collectable: A Primal Velium Whetstone   A Cleft Kromrif Skull   1 of 6
Rhino Horns (Level 75, Kunark)

Collectable: An Ancient Rhino Horn   Collectable: A Carved Rhino Horn   Collectable: A Cracked Rhino Horn   Collectable: A Huge Rhino Horn   A Small Rhino Horn   1 of 5

silver coin of rivervale   platinum coin of rivervale   Collectable: gold coin of rivervale   2 of 3
Romantic Flower Petals (Level 20, Erollisi Day)

Collectable: Royal Rose Petal   Crimson Rose Petal   Golden Rose Petal   Collectable: Ivory Rose Petal   Onyx Rose Petal   Emerald Chrysanthemum Petal   Collectable: Sunset Chrysanthemum Petal   Cobalt Chrysanthemum Petal   Velious Chrysanthemum Petal   6 of 9
Samples of Destiny (Level 80, Trinkets)

fine Ro sand   Collectable: large crocodile tooth   Collectable: a piece of cloud   Collectable: scuffed dragon scale   Collectable: shed fairy wing   Collectable: living root   drop of mixed blood   Collectable: lost imperial coin   Collectable: shed amphibian skin   rancid swamp water   3 of 10
Sand Giant Toes (Level 50, Toes)

decaying sand giant toe   Collectable: fresh sand giant toe   shriveled sand giant toe   2 of 3
Sebilisian Symbols (Level 85, Kunark)

Collectable: A Symbol of the Jarsath   A Symbol of the Kunzar   A Symbol of the Kylong   A Symbol of the Nathsar   A Symbol of the Obulus   4 of 5
The Great Haunt (Level 95, Nights of the Dead)

Collectable: Jack's Lantern   Huntsmans Lost Prize   Treasures of the Tooth Fairy   Collectable: Raven Remains   Elmo's Saintly Fire   3 of 5
The Hedge Hollow Collection (Level 80, Trinkets)

a lost eye   Collectable: a lost finger   Collectable: a lost action figure   Collectable: a lost hairbrush   a lost pair of dice   a lost mackerel   a lost playing card   Collectable: a lost pair of goggles   4 of 8

Collectable: The Storm Shepherds - The Calm - Page 3   Collectable: The Storm Shepherds - The Calm - Page 4   Collectable: The Storm Shepherds - The Calm - Page 5   Collectable: The Storm Shepherds - The Calm - Page 6   Collectable: The Storm Shepherds - The Calm - Page 7   The Storm Shepherds - The Calm - Page 8   1 of 6

chipped shard of abjuration   Collectable: scuffed shard of abjuration   pristine shard of abjuration   Collectable: shiny shard of abjuration   Collectable: glowing shard of abjuration   2 of 5

chipped shard of alteration   Collectable: scuffed shard of alteration   pristine shard of alteration   Collectable: shiny shard of alteration   Collectable: glowing shard of alteration   2 of 5
butterfly collection. (Level 20, Butterfly)

Collectable: box of striped butterflies   Collectable: box of spotted butterflies   box of plain butterflies   1 of 3

chipped shard of channeling   Collectable: scuffed shard of channeling   pristine shard of channeling   Collectable: shiny shard of channeling   Collectable: glowing shard of channeling   2 of 5

chipped shard of conjuration   Collectable: scuffed shard of conjuration   pristine shard of conjuration   Collectable: shiny shard of conjuration   Collectable: glowing shard of conjuration   2 of 5
cracked bone fragments collection (Level 20, Bone Fragment)

Collectable: cracked barbarian bone fragment   Collectable: cracked high elf bone fragment   Collectable: cracked human bone fragment   Collectable: cracked iksar bone fragment   Collectable: cracked kerra bone fragment   cracked ogre bone fragment   Collectable: cracked orc bone fragment   Collectable: cracked ratonga bone fragment   cracked troll bone fragment   Collectable: cracked wood elf bone fragment   Collectable: cracked dark elf bone fragment   Collectable: cracked dwarf bone fragment   Collectable: cracked erudite bone fragment   Collectable: cracked froglok bone fragment   Collectable: cracked gnoll bone fragment   Collectable: cracked gnome bone fragment   Collectable: cracked half elf bone fragment   cracked halfling bone fragment   3 of 18

chipped shard of divination   Collectable: scuffed shard of divination   pristine shard of divination   Collectable: shiny shard of divination   Collectable: glowing shard of divination   2 of 5
evocation shards collection (Level 45, Shard)

chipped shard of evocation   Collectable: scuffed shard of evocation   pristine shard of evocation   Collectable: shiny shard of evocation   Collectable: glowing shard of evocation   2 of 5
halfling bone fragment collection (Level 45, Bone Fragment)

Collectable: shattered halfling bone fragment   cracked halfling bone fragment   Collectable: weathered halfling bone fragment   Collectable: unscathed halfling bone fragment   Collectable: enchanted halfling bone fragment   1 of 5
human bone fragment collection (Level 45, Bone Fragment)

Collectable: shattered human bone fragment   Collectable: cracked human bone fragment   weathered human bone fragment   Collectable: unscathed human bone fragment   Collectable: enchanted human bone fragment   1 of 5
moth collection (Level 20, Moth)

Collectable: box of striped moths   box of spotted moths   box of plain moths   2 of 3
ogre bone fragment collection (Level 45, Bone Fragment)

Collectable: shattered ogre bone fragment   cracked ogre bone fragment   Collectable: weathered ogre bone fragment   Collectable: unscathed ogre bone fragment   Collectable: enchanted ogre bone fragment   1 of 5
striped butterfly collection (Level 15, Butterfly)

Collectable: striped blue butterfly   striped purple butterfly   striped violet butterfly   striped yellow butterfly   3 of 4
troll bone fragment collection (Level 45, Bone Fragment)

Collectable: shattered troll bone fragment   cracked troll bone fragment   Collectable: weathered troll bone fragment   Collectable: unscathed troll bone fragment   Collectable: enchanted troll bone fragment   1 of 5

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