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Clenched Fist
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Rastul, Level 120 Assassin
62 Collections Active, 0 Collections Completed, 62 Total (1993 Not Started)

[ Displaying 59 of 2055 Census Collections ]

1st Lieutenant Dergud, 263 AS - Page 1   Collectable: 1st Lieutenant Dergud, 263 AS - Page 2   Collectable: 1st Lieutenant Dergud, 263 AS - Page 3   Collectable: 1st Lieutenant Dergud, 263 AS - Page 9   Collectable: 1st Lieutenant Dergud, 263 AS - Page 11   Collectable: 1st Lieutenant Dergud, 263 AS - Page 12   1 of 6
Abjuration Flask (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Collectable: Abjurative Repulsors   Collectable: Banished Ether   Collectable: Sequestration Flux   Collectable: Kernel of Antimagic   Plasmic Marrow   Collectable: Dismissive Core   Collectable: Ooze of Forbiddance   1 of 7
Armor of the New Combine (Level 95, Cobalt Scar)

New Combine Boots   Collectable: New Combine Bracers   Collectable: New Combine Breastplate   Collectable: New Combine Gauntlets   Collectable: New Combine Greaves   Collectable: New Combine Helm   New Combine Vambraces   2 of 7
Assorted Erudite Gardening Tools (Level 85, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: erudite garden rake   Collectable: crystaline water barrel   Collectable: gilded wheel barrow   Collectable: intricately carved broom   ebony handled shovel   Collectable: gilded watering bucket   1 of 6
Ayonae's Harmonic Tuner (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Collectable: Primal Harmonic   Collectable: Smooth Diatonic Chord   Collectable: Tempered Tritave Chord   Collectable: Folded Septimal Scale   Collectable: Jagged Continuum Chord   Collectable: Glazed Microtonal Scale   Curved Diaschisma   1 of 7
Beam Handler Decoder Rings (Level 90, Sentinel's Fate)

Handler Ran's Beam Ring   Collectable: Handler Polla's Beam Ring   Collectable: Handler Val'Kinad's Beam Ring   Collectable: Handler Pin'Tannil's Beam Ring   Collectable: Handler Alikan's Beam Ring   Collectable: Master Handler's Beam Ring   1 of 6
Brews Across Norrath (Level 20, Brewday)

Collectable: Claymore Ale   Ashfall Crag Lager   Sapling's Raspberry Lambic   Miner's Milk   Somborn Sanguine Ale   Bog Water Brew   Collectable: Bixie Honey Lager   Collectable: Windstalker's Hard Cider   Collectable: Crossroads Ale   5 of 9
Clockwork Gazer Parts (Level 90, Sentinel's Fate)

clockwork brain   Collectable: command transmitter   Collectable: torque motivator   kaborite fiber tubing   Collectable: continuous rotation servo   Collectable: high voltage power cell   2 of 6
Cobalt Scar Essences (Level 95, Cobalt Scar)

Collectable: Awakened Legion Essence   Collectable: Combine Army Essence   Collectable: Drake Essence   Collectable: Othmir Essence   Sea Dragon Essence   Collectable: Siren Essence   Collectable: Ulthork Essence   1 of 7
Cobra Scale Collection (Level 50, Scales)

Collectable: broken cobra scale   Collectable: decaying cobra scale   pristine cobra scale   Collectable: shining cobra scale   Collectable: tarnished cobra scale   1 of 5
Common Erudin Clothing (Level 90, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: ornately stitched dress shirt   Collectable: ornately stitched robe   finely crafted shoes   finely crafted gloves   lace trimmed hood   Collectable: lace trimmed cloak   3 of 6
Darkened Grimoires (Level 90, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: Darkened Grimoire of Al'Kabor   Collectable: Darkened Grimoire of E'Arad   Darkened Grimoire of Dartain   Collectable: Darkened Grimoire of Uzun   Collectable: Darkened Grimoire of Pera'Celsis   Collectable: Darkened Grimoire of Mash'al   1 of 6
Elements of Time (Level 80, Chronoportal Phenomenon)

Chronomagical Spark   Exotic Matter   Dimensional Fissure   Chronological Ripple   Condensed Energy   Temporal Shard   Cosmic String   Nebulous Vortex   Collectable: Crackling Residue   8 of 9
Examples of Cae'Dal Script (Level 100, Kunark Ascending)

Collectable: Torn Cae'Dal Scroll   Collectable: Dirty Cae'Dal Scroll   Collectable: Pristine Cae'Dal Scroll   Worn Cae'Dal Tome   Pristine Cae'Dal Tome   Chipped Cae'Dal Rune Stone   Collectable: Cracked Cae'Dal Rune Stone   Glowing Cae'Dal Rune Stone   4 of 8

Collectable: Fauna of the Enchanted Lands A - K - Page 4   Collectable: Fauna of the Enchanted Lands A - K - Page 5   Collectable: Fauna of the Enchanted Lands A - K - Page 7   Collectable: Fauna of the Enchanted Lands A - K - Page 09   Fauna of the Enchanted Lands A - K - Page 10   Collectable: Fauna of the Enchanted Lands A - K - Page 11   1 of 6
Fearstalker Remains (Level 90, Sentinel's Fate)

decaying fearstalker talon   Collectable: decaying fearstalker paw   Collectable: decaying fearstalker carcass   Collectable: decaying fearstalker spine   Collectable: decaying fearstalker rib   decaying fearstalker skull   2 of 6
Fishing for a Feast (Level 95, Tears of Veeshan)

Cooked Cazic Angler   Collectable: Cooked Dagnor's Bonefish   Cooked Everfrost Trout   Collectable: Cooked Golden Eye Salmon   Collectable: Cooked High Pass Carp   Collectable: Hargar's Special Bait   2 of 6
Flora and Fauna of The Vasty Deep (Level 85, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: leeching vine   deadly nettle fern   Collectable: razor leafed orchid   Collectable: deadly hemotoxic beetle   green tree snake   Collectable: doomflesh tree frog   2 of 6
Forlorn Flavor (Level 120, Tradeskill)

Collectable: Renfry's Snacks   Grimalda's Left Hand   Collectable: Ziggy's Broken Toy   Collectable: Decrepit Wagon   Ectoplasm Everywhere   Collectable: Igore's Perch   Collectable: Splintered Wooden Scrap   Collectable: Werewolf Fur Collection   Collectable: Coven Members Patrolling   Collectable: Stitched Man Fireworks   2 of 10
Giant Workman's Wooden Crust (Level 100, Kunark Ascending)

Collectable: Workman's Dusty Crumb   Workman's Metallic Crumb   Workman's Spikey Crumb   Collectable: Workman's Splintered Crumb   Workman's Sprinkled Crumb   Collectable: Workman's Tool Crumb   3 of 6
Golem Parts (Level 85, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: iron golem head   Collectable: iron golem foot   Collectable: iron golem hand   stone golem leg   Collectable: stone golem arm   Collectable: stone golem forearm   1 of 6
Invisible Buckle Frame (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Entropic Lenses   Collectable: Unfocused Eyepiece   Collectable: Centerless Reticle   Collectable: Reflected Scope   Collectable: Convexing Monocle   Collectable: Stigmatic Erfle   Collectable: Obscuration Loupe   1 of 7
Kinnahma Jewelcrafting (Level 120, Visions of Vetrovia)

Elaborate Hair-Clip   Collectable: Pearl Dangle Earrings   Collectable: Intricate Pectoral Piece   Collectable: Gemmed Arm-Bands   Collectable: Amber Ring of Nihilite   1 of 5
Kithicor Pine Cones (Level 100, Altar of Malice)

Ivy Etched Pinyon   Collectable: Wonderer's Knot Pinyon   Collectable: Highpass Pine Cone   Collectable: Kithicor Pinyon   Collectable: Blessed Knoll Pine Cone   Collectable: Ghorkaal Pine Cone   1 of 6
Library of Erudin Murder Weapons (Level 90, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: Torqued Spanner   Collectable: Overloaded Wand   Cracked Staff   Collectable: Bloodied Chain of Office   Collectable: Bloody Dagger   Collectable: Tarnished Candlestick   1 of 6
Maldura Daily Essentials (Level 100, Terrors of Thalumbra)

Maldura Spelunking Kit   Collectable: Maldura Merchant's Logbook   Collectable: Maldura Guard Insignia   Collectable: Maldura Ale Stein   Collectable: Maldura Travel Lamp   Collectable: Maldura Mushroom Stew   1 of 6
Mask of the Insightful (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Gizzard of the Omnifiend   Rune of Capacity   Sigil of Function   Collectable: Essence of Insight   Collectable: Doomfire Seal   3 of 5
Objects of Malice (Level 100, Altar of Malice)

Collectable: Talisman of the Flesh Stripper   Mace of Dark Obscenity   Collectable: Helm of Disembodied Spirit   Collectable: Ring of Imbued Blood   Collectable: Blood Inquisitor's Dagger   Collectable: Primordial Talisman   1 of 6
Othmir Vestments (Level 95, Cobalt Scar)

Collectable: Crustacean Shell Boots   Collectable: Crustacean Shell Bracers   Collectable: Crustacean Shell Breastplate   Crustacean Shell Gauntlets   Collectable: Crustacean Shell Greaves   Crustacean Shell Helm   Collectable: Crustacean Shell Vambraces   2 of 7
Petrified Badlands Creature Remnants (Level 85, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: petrified stonevine bark   petrified fossilfang fang   Collectable: petrified cackler jawbone   Collectable: boulder dasher boulder   1 of 4
Plane of Magic Expert Collection (Level 110, Expert Recognition)

Collectable: Kernel of Antimagic   Collectable: Incendiary Spoon   Collectable: Infallible Quill   Collectable: Primal Harmonic   Collectable: Hybridization Salts   Collectable: Worn Annual Coin   Collectable: Bewitched Castanets   Collectable: Reflected Scope   Collectable: Mindful Fibers   Collectable: Rune of Compulsion   Collectable: Numinous Beads   Collectable: Noxious Cloud Sketch   Collectable: Plumewit Tail Feather   Collectable: Jar of Formless Goo   Collectable: Augur's Implements   Collectable: Book of Sheet Music   Collectable: Unflippable Coin   Collectable: Essence of Enchantment   Collectable: Seeds of Change   Ephemeral Crystal Shards   1 of 20
Reinforced Mephit Talon (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Collectable: Mephit Talon   Collectable: Rune of Disease   Sigil of Brass   Collectable: Essence of Dust   Collectable: Seal of Piercing   1 of 5
Relics of the Onaya (Level 85, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: Onayan ceremonial urn   Collectable: Onayan dragon effigy   Collectable: Onayan ocean totem   Collectable: Onayan sash button   Onayan staff of the waves   Collectable: Onayan coral necklace   1 of 6
Rubble Items from Old Paineel (Level 85, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: ancient idol of Paineel   Collectable: shards of ancient Paineel pottery   Collectable: ancient Paineel sconce   Collectable: ancient Paineel bell   ancient Paineel torch   Collectable: ancient Paineel clock   1 of 6
Sage's Box of Research (Level 95, Tears of Veeshan)

Collectable: Amulet of Knowledge   Collectable: Apprentice's Notebook   Arcane Quill   Collectable: Book of Forgotten Magic   Collectable: Flawed Spell Creation   Gem of Flowing Breath   Gleaming Bauble   Collectable: Joined Signet   Collectable: Orb of Arcane Visions   Sage's Apprentice Cap   Sentient Medallion   Collectable: Talisman of Research   Three Ringed Hoop   Collectable: Twisted Talisman   Visionary's Lens   7 of 15
Shadow-Marked Items (Level 90, Sentinel's Fate)

shadow-marked curio   Collectable: shadow-marked shiny trinket   Collectable: shadow-marked stone tablet   Collectable: shadow-marked gemstone   1 of 4
Shining Crimson Gauntlets (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Collectable: Sigil of Preservation   Collectable: Essence of Sunmane   Seal of Dexterity   Rune of Blood Mana   Collectable: Copper Thread   2 of 5
Slobberjaw Relics (Level 90, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: crudely carved club   Collectable: crudely carved effigy   crudely carved spear   crudely carved bowl   Collectable: crudely carved shield   2 of 5
Sparkling Satin Pantaloons (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Collectable: Rune of Lunacy   Planar Satin   Collectable: Sigil of Colors   Collectable: Sparkling Essence   Collectable: Seal of Joy   1 of 5
Spear of Fire (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Sigil of Faith   Rune of Mitigation   Collectable: Essence of the Swarm   Polished Spear Head   Collectable: Seal of the Fire Vicar   3 of 5
Splitiron Mining Equipment (Level 100, Terrors of Thalumbra)

Collectable: Lost Mining Pick   Collectable: Discarded Chisel   Abandoned Trommel   Collectable: Worn Mining Hammer   Collectable: Discarded Safety Lamp   Collectable: Abandoned Hoist   1 of 6
Storming the Keep (Level 95, Tears of Veeshan)

Collectable: Charred Wooden Club   Enchanted Goblin Belt   Collectable: Goblin Makeshift Bow   Goblin Trinket   Collectable: Iron Jail Key   Stingers   Collectable: Wicked Goblin Blade   3 of 7
Tarton's Wheel (Level 95, Tears of Veeshan)

Rod of Azia   Collectable: Rod of Beza   Collectable: Rod of Caza   Rod of Dena   Rod of Ena   Collectable: Rod of Fana   Rod of Geza   Collectable: Rod of Heda   Collectable: Rod of Izah   Collectable: Rod of Jaka   Staff of the Wheel   Collectable: Star of Eyes   Collectable: Tome of the Wheel   5 of 13
The Melodious Concerto (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Harmonious Opus   Collectable: Piece of Sheet Music   Collectable: Page of Sheet Music   Collectable: Scroll of Sheet Music   Collectable: Parchment of Sheet Music   Collectable: Book of Sheet Music   Collectable: Scrap of Sheet Music   1 of 7
The Merchant's Deal (Level 40, Tome)

The Merchant's Deal - Page 3   Collectable: The Merchant's Deal - Page 5   Collectable: The Merchant's Deal - Page 7   Collectable: The Merchant's Deal - Page 8   Collectable: The Merchant's Deal - Page 10   Collectable: The Merchant's Deal - Page 12   1 of 6
The Nails That Built Guk (Level 110, Return to Guk)

Collectable: Steel Nail   Collectable: Copper Nail   Collectable: Bronze Nail   Silver Nail   Golden Nail   Collectable: Iron Nail   Ruthenium Nail   Collectable: Ebon Nail   Collectable: Rhodium Nail   Collectable: Vanadium Nail   Collectable: Indium Nail   Collectable: Xegonite Nail   Collectable: Tynnonium Nail   Collectable: Kaborite Nail   Collectable: Titanium Nail   Collectable: Osmium Nail   Collectable: Tungsten Nail   Lumium Nail   Collectable: Bornite Nail   Collectable: Rubicite Nail   4 of 20
Trinkem's Trinkets (Level 95, Tears of Veeshan)

Collectable: Darkrune Armguards   Collectable: Darkrune Boots   Collectable: Darkrune Cowl   Collectable: Darkrune Leggings   Darkrune Tunic   Collectable: Patina Covered Breastplate   Collectable: Patina Covered Gusset   Collectable: Patina Covered Pauldrons   Collectable: Patina Covered Sabatons   1 of 9
Twisted Twig Ring (Level 110, Chaos Descending)

Collectable: Earthen Twig   Collectable: Essence of Regeneration   Collectable: Seal of Korascian   Rune of Poison   Sigil of Charisma   2 of 5
Underfoot Anchor Components (Level 85, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: liquid flame   Collectable: earthen fluids   Collectable: lightning charged ores   Collectable: mercury gasses   oily mass   Collectable: salts   flowing wave essences   elemental tephra   ironized ore   Collectable: steel shards   Collectable: shimmering shcumph crystals   Collectable: storm water   4 of 12
Universal Essence (Level 110, Planes of Prophecy)

Collectable: Magical Essences   Collectable: Essence of Abjuration   Collectable: Essence of Conjuration   Essence of Evocation   Collectable: Essence of Alteration   Collectable: Essence of Enchantment   Collectable: Essence of Divination   1 of 7
War Armor of the Ca'Na (Level 85, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: elaborate Ca'Na chestplate   elaborate Ca'Na clawed gauntlet   Collectable: elaborate Ca'Na razor-pauldron   elaborate Ca'Na tailspike   Collectable: elaborate Ca'Na priestess helm   Collectable: elaborate Ca'Na armored belt   2 of 6
Weapons of the New Combine (Level 95, Cobalt Scar)

Collectable: Freeport Longsword   Gorowyn Greatblade   Collectable: Halas Spear   Collectable: Kelethin Staff   Collectable: Neriak Shortsword   Collectable: Qeynos Mace   1 of 6
a graphometer fragment (Level 85, Sentinel's Fate)

Collectable: fractured lens fragment   Collectable: iron sextant fragment   Collectable: alidade fragment   Collectable: circumferentor fragment   Collectable: astrolabe fragment   graphometer fragment   1 of 6

chipped shard of channeling   Collectable: scuffed shard of channeling   Collectable: pristine shard of channeling   Collectable: shiny shard of channeling   Collectable: glowing shard of channeling   1 of 5
feather collection (Level 10, Feather)

Collectable: duck feather   Collectable: eagle feather   falcon feather   sparrow feather   Collectable: hawk feather   2 of 5
froglok bone fragment collection (Level 45, Bone Fragment)

shattered froglok bone fragment   Collectable: cracked froglok bone fragment   Collectable: weathered froglok bone fragment   Collectable: unscathed froglok bone fragment   Collectable: enchanted froglok bone fragment   1 of 5
halfling bone fragment collection (Level 45, Bone Fragment)

shattered halfling bone fragment   Collectable: cracked halfling bone fragment   Collectable: weathered halfling bone fragment   Collectable: unscathed halfling bone fragment   Collectable: enchanted halfling bone fragment   1 of 5
plain butterfly collection (Level 15, Butterfly)

plain blue butterfly   Collectable: plain purple butterfly   Collectable: plain violet butterfly   Collectable: plain yellow butterfly   1 of 4
wood elf bone fragment collection (Level 45, Bone Fragment)

shattered wood elf bone fragment   Collectable: cracked wood elf bone fragment   Collectable: weathered wood elf bone fragment   Collectable: unscathed wood elf bone fragment   Collectable: enchanted wood elf bone fragment   1 of 5

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